Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Is This Really the Direction of Choice?

I'm reading and hearing more and more about gated communities. And the term "campus" is thrown about quite a bit. I've seen some "work compounds," I mean campuses that loom pretty ominously toward our future.
It would appear those living in the land of the free and the home of the brave seem to feel secure "gated up" and "locked down!" Do we see the potential destination of this lifestyle being embraced? I actually saw a video of some city council meeting in which the residents were resistant to the city protection agencies, that is fire and police requiring keys to all the commercial property! For safety reasons, of course! Shall we consider the logic in this at all? Suppose, just suppose, the building was on fire through business hours . . . I'm guessing the door would already be open or at least unlocked. So, let's say a fire breaks out and the business is closed. Is the fire department really going to worry about using the key as flames engulf the building? Would the business owner worry about replacing the lock and door over life and inventory? Moving right along to the police. Again, let's presume there is some criminal activity going on through business hours, again; the doors are open or unlocked. After hours, I'm going to guess, the lock is picked or something is already broken . . . This supposed move toward safety enforcement is really nothing more than an invasion of privacy. I'm thankful the people were asking questions about carrying too far and if this was simply the slippery slope into invasion of private households. Which brings us full circle back to "campuses" and gated communities. The entire concept of the use of campus now, appears to be a place of a concentration of people . . . and take the "us" out of campus and we've got a camp of concentration, as in hospitals, privatized prisons, and work places. Moving right along the gated community, that is if the powers that be at the campus let you go home. The gated communities are all high tech locking system anyway. One guy can flip a switch and unlock or lock down the whole joint, not to mention, where technological provision exists, hackers exist. So one guy could also hack the system. Truthfully, it's pretty easy to see where we're going, so let's not pretend the "oncoming train" is light at the end of the tunnel.
. . . Fear not . . . over 60 times throughout Holy Scripture
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