Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bristol Palin . . . another 15 Minutes of Fame

I really don't like to give this bunch any more attention than they already get, but I just couldn't resist commenting on Bristol Palin's book; her memoirs . . . Imagine, a 20 year old feeling she has enough life experiences to fill a book with memoirs. I haven't read and it and don't intend to, but from the excerpts and interviews, it sounds more like "What I've Done Between the Time I Started Sleeping With Levi and Dancing with The Stars." Just for the record, lying to your parents, having a few wine coolers, does not make for a "stolen virginity" scene, which really eludes to the "R" word, but rather it sounds like Bristol, like most young women gave herself to the first guy that said the right stuff . . . And let's not forget the mention of birth control. If someone plans to retain their virtue, why be on birth control? Not to diminish her moment here, but for the record, by the time I was 20, I also had a two year old, had been a single teen mom, gotten married, became a bereaved parent, and it never once occurred to me that someone would want to read about it. I was very clearly still searching for answers. At 20, I was wise enough to know, I still lacked the wisdom needed for life. I also find it interesting that her fan base is made up of the same people that 30+ years ago thought girls like her were harlots. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at Sarah P's tweets about the book. I mean, really, does this family ever tire of attention? Looks like Bristol is following in her mom's footsteps, except Levi isn't as accommodating as Todd was when Track was on the way. Ah well . . . So Bristol is 20 with a baby, a TV show, and a book. She is indeed young, too young to being on the brink of becoming a "has been."
Women are to be serious in behaviour, saying no evil of others, controlling themselves, true in all things. New Testament
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