Monday, June 06, 2011

History, I Guess it's Open to Interpretation???

I just have to blog about Sarah P's short bus tour. She's a hoot, always! I just don't know how she comes up with so many off the wall comments. Her last one was reminiscent of when one of Rush L's faithful followers explained to me that he had explained the truth about the first Thanksgiving. It sort of boiled down to the Pilgrims supposedly saved the Indians. So, I guess according to Rush or at least his fans, it's okay that the land was stolen and the Native Americans were killed because were it not for those 6 Pilgrims that survived the journey, the Indians would have starved anyway. Now, here in America, there are really people that believe this new version. But back to Sarah. She has now explained the famous ride of Paul Revere. It was to warn the British . . . I'll paraphrase because frankly, she's hard to follow with all her "yeahs" and "ums." Apparently Paul Revere warned the British that they would not be able to take all of the guns of the revolutionaries, and the patriots were well armed. Wow! To hear Sarah explain it, you could almost envision Paul Revere being the founder of the NRA and explaining the Second Amendment years before it was written! I'm no Obama fan, but the way the other side relays history we all are familiar with, it sort of makes me wonder how accurately they grasp and explain current events! I remember Obama's major faux pas. I truly do think you should be required to know how many states there are, if you want to be President. The talk and reporting there of, is only going to get goofier through this campaign season. Of course we love it when Obama misspeaks and Sarah blathers, and Joe Biden says something stupid, but keep it in context. So, politicians, pundits, reporters and the like, "we the people" would like to hear just the facts, please.
Thou shalt not bear false witness . . . Torah of Holy Scripture
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