Friday, May 27, 2011

Shirley, We Need to Talk

The Shirley to whom I refer, is Shirley Phelps Roper, of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. According to their press release they plan to come taunt and spew their vitriolic venom at the victims of the Joplin tornado. That's right, they claim to be coming to add insult to injury. I've been to Joplin twice this week to offer what I could and I've been in awe of what I've seen as the town pitches in and as strangers have come from miles around to help. In the midst of devastation, these people just keep on keeping on. I'm listening to the radio right now as they continue to give updates. The station owner has disrupted all of his regular programming to continue with the updates. That means his income is not happening. The announcers are amazing as well. Many of them continue to broadcast and listen to calls coming in, and they themselves have no homes to go to. The grocery store has given over their parking lot and shopping carts for the victims to come to trucks to receive supplies. It's amazing, truly amazing. Money and self-focus are unheard of in Joplin and yet there's one group that plans to come to do nothing helpful, whatsoever. I thought a lot of the radio personality that promised an half hour of his show to these people if they would not protest the little girl's funeral in Arizona that died when the Congress woman was shot. I felt like he "threw himself on that grenade." So, now I'll throw this blog on the proverbial grenade and give some attention to the Westboro Baptist Church. These people make all sorts of Biblical claims, but as a minister, myself; I don't remember reading about any men of G-d hiding behind women, kids, and internet screens. I find it interesting that Fred has so much hate to spew on line, but he doesn't attend the protests. As a matter of fact, I never see the men there. It's always the women and kids. I would expect as I believe most Americans would, that the religious man or men would lead. Well, a real man would! Shirley is a case, but then she is Fred's daughter, that according to many reports actually gave Fred a grandchild before giving him a son-in-law. Their statements of judgment are almost always based upon sexual sin . . . Could be issues . . . HUMMMMMM Me dost think they do protest too loudly.
He that loveth not knoweth not G-d; for G-d is love. New Testament
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