Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rasing the Debt Ceiling?

The illusion of looking up, when in reality, debt is a deep pit and apparently here in America it would appear our government will actually make it into a bottomless pit. We cannot pay our bills without borrowing from the future. It really is that simple. America has so many government programs, agencies and bureaucracies, we can't maintain them, much less afford all of our imported trinkets, we simply must have. The fact of the matter is the terminology is misleading in itself. Raising implies gaining and I guess the fact that our leaders are determined to raise the amount we owe is basically factual, but still misleading. If we continue to choose arbitrary figures of more borrowing to maintain our current standard, all we are really doing is choosing to deny what we have chosen to do. Raising the debt ceiling to continue to accommodate those that are deemed "entitled" is nothing more than robbing from our children and grandchildren. Raising the debt ceiling is the same thing as "all of us grandmas" breaking our grandchildren's penny banks so we can go out to lunch and have a senior discount. Now, our grandchildren's working parents don't qualify for any discounts, because they are busy and producing . . . I'm on this soap box again. Some generation has to stop the madness and bite the bullet, it may as well be mine. The boomers have been an annoyance to every generation so far. When we didn't want to join the establishment, we were told we were wrong! Then most of the boomers did cave and join the establishment and now that it's crumbling, that's our fault too. So be it. I'm sure most of us boomers really don't mind continuing to pay FICA and self-employment tax, so our Grandmas and Moms & Dads can enjoy their social security on top of pensions, investments, and inheritances. I've really decided somebody who feels entitled might as well enjoy themselves and feel like they have it coming. It makes sense for it to be the boomers that take the hit, since all we've ever heard is how spoiled we are and how good we had it. The boomers are already basically out of pension options, sitting on half of their previous 401k, and being phased out of the work force, anyway. We might as well just take it on the chin and become the hippies we all planned to be to start with. We'll just let our hair grow long and silver, live off the land, but I guess without Medicare D, the pharmaceuticals for free love won't be an issue. The one thing we will be able to live with is we can actually teach our grandhcildren that their future is important to us. We can teach our grandchildren where "lunch" really comes from and we can do that without breaking their penny banks. If Washington continues in this well established tradition, we aren't raising the debt ceiling, we're digging an abyss for our granchildren.
A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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