Monday, May 02, 2011

Correspondent's Dinner

It's just not the same, without G.W. The press correspondent's dinner used to be the one night to roast and toast the President. The Bushes definitely made it a fun and memorable occasion. Laura was really funny, as I recall, and G.W. . . . the best sport on the planet, that one night. Now, it's just not the same. President Obama appears to have no sense of humor, but he's snarky and intimidating. I just don't call that funny stuff unless you're Roseanne Barr making fun of her own life, but then again, that's the operative. If someone cannot make fun of themselves, they aren't funny when they make fun of someone else. Well, I can't say the correspondent's dinner is the deal breaker with this administration, but it's certainly one more thing to add to the list. If President Obama, who can say whatever he likes, whenever he likes has to use this opportunity to harpoon someone, then he's just not as classy as I tried to give him credit for being. Now, as for the comedian that compared himself and his father to Ron and Rand Paul, loved it, simply loved it. I believe it was Mike Meyers that said he and his father were like Ron and Rand Paul, in that they would never be elected President either. I think what makes me the saddest about these latest correspondent dinners is the number of people that do think the President is funny while he's using a bully podium. We are really getting to be a mean bunch of folks that appear to like to see people put on the spot and made uncomfortable. I just don't think that should be classified as humor.
Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. New Testament
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