Thursday, January 27, 2011

When You Hope Goodbye is Only Farewell . . .

I don't frequently blog publicly, about personal matters. I prefer to share my personal opinion about public matters. Today is one of those times, though, I'm spillin' it! I've been doing a radio show for the last two years, and as you've probably guessed, I'm not as famous as Rush or Sean or Glenn. Now, I started this show, basically because I heard G-d tell me to do a radio show, and to go to a station in Monett. So, my husband made a phone call and set up an appointment. I had no idea what I was going to say to the station manager/owner, and to be truthful, I don't think Dewayne was terribly impressed upon our first meeting, but he was willing to give it a chance. Interestingly, the station was in the process of relocating, so it's as if I truly just had a window of opportunity when I heard, Monett. I knew the show was just for a specified time period, so I wanted to enjoy every moment of it, and for the most part I did . . . There was the time when I actually saw the total minutes on the contract and nearly panicked, but I got over it. Then there was the nausea every Thursday morning all the way to the station, that disappeared instantly when the bumper music began, but I enjoyed doing the show and truly enjoyed preparing the shows. My producer, Dan, is awesome and he participated through the show. Dan immediately was really great. He knew I was a religiously incorrect minister, my political incorrectness is obvious almost instantly, and all in all I'm a bit quirky, but he still boldly participated. His involvement in the show was completely unrehearsed and totally spontaneous. Not only did he keep all the right buttons pushed and mics live, he turned the show into an on air conversation that I certainly couldn't have done alone. When my grandkids came as my guests, he made sure everyone had chairs . . . and microphones . . . and headphones! The kids loved it! Which brings me to yet another unexpected blessing. I made a friend, and I mean the kind of friend you know you'll hear it straight and can say it straight. Even as I type this, I have no idea what Janet's official title is, in that I think she can do any and all of what it takes to run that station. Besides all that, she always had a stash of candy for my visiting "grand guests." She's one of those hard working, driven women that appears to be able to do anything, and always looks "together." Sometimes after the show she and I'd chat and laugh, sharing information and insight that just over the course of the time, developed into a valued friendship. It's odd, we have similar strengths and are probably similar type women, yet I don't believe our paths would have ever crossed anywhere except the show called "Choosing Life" on KSWM. Janet is petite, and I'm well, not. She's quite the cosmopolitan style business woman and I'm well, not. She's knowledgeable and high-tech, and I make my own soap and milk goats, but . . . We're both very goal oriented, achievement oriented women and have joked on more than one occasion about our lack of patience. After I'd put my foot in my mouth, through our conversation by comparing her patience to mine . . . This great realization hit me:
She and I don't lack patience, we just like to see results, right away!
New opportunities and responsibilities have beckoned and I had to make a difficult decision. I signed off the air today. I didn't realize what an emotional time it would be . . . still is, but we all agreed that if time and scheduling permitted, I'd be back. It has been one of those things in life that just blossomed into more than I would have ever imagined. So, I truly hoped today, as I said good-bye, it's really only farewell for now. Everyone at the station was great, always kind, always friendly, and it's just a rare blessing when smart, successful, attractive women get to be friends!
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
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