Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Note to Sarah Palin

I've written several folks here from this blog, many of them with a much more prominent position than yours. I've written Presidents, Prime Ministers, Preachers, Pundits, and now you. First, as a non-anonymous blogger, let's begin with a woman to woman chat. Everything going on isn't really about you. Remember when you got mad at Katie Couric for asking difficult questions, like what do you read? And you said she wasn't the center of "everybody's" universe? Well, Sarah, it's like this; you aren't either! The fact that a sheriff said the political rhetoric has become too vitriolic and made references to gun metaphors being inappropriate in politics, is commendable. The Sheriff of that county has his hands full and he isn't crying or whining about the feed back he's received, nor has he quit in the middle of this horror. He is still doing the task at hand, and right now, it is an ugly task. It is not the media's fault that your family has so many notable situations going on. Nor is it the media's problem that you will air your dirty laundry for your moment of fame. As a matter of fact, Sarah, we in the "lower 48" wouldn't even know who you are, were it not for the media, that you continue to trash while courting. If you do not feel your words influence anyone, then why endorse candidates and why give interviews? If you believe all of your listeners are level headed and logical, I have to question your ability to process reality. We are in a world in which many things do not make sense and a number of people do not make sense. We live in the country that has more prisoners per capita than any country in the world, and remember the ones in prison are just the ones that have been caught. After two years, I still don't know who Trig's mother is, but that's not my business, Todd appears to be very fond of the little guy and he looks well taken care of. Now, as for your "mama grizzly" reference. I believe it was a clip from your own reality show that spoke of the mama grizzlies and how they teach and take care of their young. I believe it was you that said we could learn a great deal from them. Funny, I didn't see or hear any reference to "papa grizzlies" teaching the young, while the mamas enjoyed attention in the lower 48. To be honest, here, I've overlooked most of this, because I simply believe you, like most politicians aren't really bright enough to be orchestrating the coming together of the power as the people are divided and conquered. I just sort of saw you as the cute GOP cheer leader that kept all those GOP-ers happy and proud and feeling their oats. No problem, to each their own and you are a pretty woman, and I'm a firm believer in using one's assets, so you go girl! But today, after all this country has been through in the last few days, your removal of certain posts indicate a level of awareness that some folks could connect poorly spoken and inappropriate graphs to commit horrendous acts. I do not think you are responsible for Jared Loughner's unspeakable actions Saturday, but you are responsible for your words and for graphs that are associated with your name and allude to firearms or violence. Think about it, even the reference to "mama grizzly" has a connotation of potential attack and bloodshed. I realize it's your vernacular, but if you are going to continue to seek this limelight, you have to be aware that what you are saying doesn't always resonate with only logical people. As a matter of fact, while I'm on that topic, I don't know any logical level headed people that think you make a lot of sense. Your base seems a bit erratic to me, just sayin . . . Now, as for today's video, you know a number of your faithful followers feel a bit persecuted, you have raised that ideology on several occasions, and so knowing this, you mention "blood libel." Listen Sarah, if you aren't smart enough to know the potential fall out of that, your handlers should be and if they aren't, you need new handlers. And if you do have an understanding of that term and used it, then you should feel responsible for the potential repercussions. Referencing an anti-Semitic term, in response to comments made after a Jewish legislator is shot. Really, Sarah, really? I'm of the opinion, as much time as you've had, to supposedly make your response to these so called "empty political attacks" you had time to do your homework and know what "blood libel" means. The potential for this is outlandish for those that may feel victimized and persecuted for their beliefs. I truly hope this was spoken in ignorance, but then that sort of ignorance should have no prominence in media or politics.
. . . grievous words stir up anger. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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