Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is It Politics as Usual?

Rahm Emanuel has appealed the court's decision that would remove his name from the ballot for the mayoral race. The State Supreme Court reviewed his case. I don't know about anyone else, but I can honestly say I wasn't surprised at all. I mean Bill Clinton has already been there campaigning for him and he resigned from his post with the current administration to do this. And what's really fascinating is, you'd think any one of these politicians would have known what the rules were and to be checking into it before it came to this! Word's in, and I wasn't surprised, as I'm sure many others saw this coming. Rahm Emanuel is indeed above the rules. He will have his name on the mayoral ballot. I've looked at this both ways. I mean he was serving his country to be absent from Chicago, but renting his house out did remove his residency. If he'd have just left the house empty and checked on it, or better yet, employed someone to house sit, I'd have been all for his right to be on the ballot, but as it stands, he seems to be just one more political opportunist that can make money, gain power, and have his day in court, when others are denied.

Meanwhile in Florida, there is a lawmaker that wants teachers to grade parents. I'm going to say it just because I can. Teachers for the most part like to be in control. They usually run a pretty tight ship or are the type that like all eyes on them, but they are comfortable in charge. And we know legislators have no problem with control issues, they enjoy control, they campaign to have control, and now a member of the Florida legislature has a bill on the floor for teachers to grade parents. That's right, according to how their kids arrive and how they do in class. I think the criteria, which is not stringent, the student is to be on time, had breakfast, homework done, and I don't know, something else. Anyway, most parents are on top of these basics and I'm guessing the ones that aren't don't care if they get a satisfactory grade. They are out of school. It just seems one step closer to the Nanny State or Big Brother. Demographics would already indicate, if a parent is unconcerned about their child's breakfast or homework, I'm guessing a grade won't mean anything, either.

SOTU speech. Not so noticeably impressive. Of course, the seating arrangements were noteworthy, and the bipartisan applause was more frequent than in past years. Seems folks are realizing politicians that give wonderful speeches are just that, great speakers. Most of us know regardless of the hopeful rhetoric of two years ago, his highest approval rating was the day after he was inaugurated, as in before he'd done anything. From my perspective he seems to be much more popular as a campaigner or candidate than he has been after actually having the job.
Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honour the person of the mighty . . .
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