Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Five Stages of Captivity

We have "known" for some time now, there are five stages of grief as depicted by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and I guess the premise is really similar, but the terms are different.
As Kubler-Ross explained the stages of grief, we have five basic labels for the stages of the loss of a loved one or the diagnosis of a terminal illness. The stages of grief are as follows: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

In all of this American fear mongering, war mongering, and giving up our way of life, TSA has made it official. We have been ushered into the "safety of captivity," with the USA Patriot Act and Health Care Reform, and with captivity, just like grief, there are also five stages. We watched it unfold as a nation, just this past couple of weeks. Here are the five stages of captivity as explained by another Elizabeth. First there was disbelief that our government would actually impose this and surely someone in authority would step in and rescue us from the TSA, but that didn't happen. Next there was outrage that such a thing could happen in America and Ben Franklin was quoted on blogs across this nation. Then several of us left sarcastic comments on the news articles and late night comedy stepped in and as we've seen before, laughter is quite soothing . . . so then came the compliance. Over 80% of the passengers did not have a problem with this sort of invasive loss of their civil rights. They were willing to sacrifice rights and dignity for a little reassurance, which brought us to the last step today and it will no longer be an issue. Those that have accepted it are actually voicing anger at the non-compliant. That's right, those of us that find this unacceptable have been invited to "not fly." Well, in all fairness, I gave up flying in '04, when I realized my underwires posed a threat to national security, and since the freedom to move about is not one of our Constitutional rights or amendments, I guess I'll just accept Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's last phase of grief; and accept the death of liberty as it was once proclaimed.
When I saw the pictures of airport security in the headlines, I sat sadly and realized, the terrorists really have won. The American culture of freedom is gone.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. words of Messiah
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