Friday, July 31, 2009

Now That It's Government Motors

I understand the cash for clunker campaign is already running short of cash, with more clunkers to go. I'm rather surprised at the American public that doesn't mind tax dollars going on this project. And I'm really disappointed that the government couldn't have come up with this idea while General Motors and Chrysler were still afloat! Interesting idea now, don't you think? And why not have offered the stimulus money the same way they have the cash for clunkers? If TPTB are going to print money and legislate for our tax money to get thrown around, why not give it to the people? And what a lovely way to give the illusion that the economy is bouncing back? A surge of new car sales will look good in the data and stats for what a month or two? That's right, they had planned to go til November with this idea, then hoping the holiday sales rode them right on out the year. What a plan? But who is really going to come out on this deal. Ford has already advertised taking the cars back if you lose your job and what Chrysler dealers are left have new bosses, and GM is already government owned. So when the waive dies down, and the car payments are due, then what?
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