Friday, July 03, 2009

Against my Better Judgment

The topic of this blog is Sarah Palin. That woman has never ceased to amaze me. She appears to love attention, she seems willing to go to any length to maintain the spot light, and yet while she wants all eyes upon her, she has rules! I have to admit, when I saw her parade her family before the NRC, I was less than impressed. The pregnant teen-age daughter accompanied by the "baby daddy" was just over the top! Especially if you claim to promote conservative family values. And I was less than impressed when I read about her "do or die" speech and travel itinerary the day her youngest son was born. Interesting anti-choice stand to take while taking every possible chance for a complication. I guess I just considered her to be pretty nonsensical and perhaps that explains why she doesn't understand the response she gets. She appeared to parade her kids like political props, but then said, kids should be off limits. Fine, leave the unwed father in Alaska for the convention. Don't parade the daughter that's not going to high school, then get her plastered on the front of People in a cap and gown, with baby. It just doesn't make sense to want the things Sarah Palin wants, both ways! And now, to avoid being a lame duck, she's resigning with some lame reason why it's good for the state of Alaska. Well, I would agree with her there. I do think Alaska will be just fine if Sarah goes home and tends to her family and her values. But you have to wonder if she's planning on spending time in the limelight heading for a 2012 campaign. Frankly, after seeing the way she does things, she doesn't seem to "work and play well with others." As easily offended as she is, and as confusing as her actions and answers have been, I don't think Sarah P has any business being very close to the red phone or the red button.
In all fairness to Sarah, maybe she's decided to spend some time home raising her children.
The aged women likewise . . . may teach the young women . . . New Testament
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