Sunday, January 24, 2016

Timing is Everything

The current president of the United States has gotten where he is, leaving the last office before his term expired, and the one before that.  I was keeping an eye on the position of Secretary General of the UN last time around, but we ended up with a second term of both the Secretary General in the UN and the same US administration.  Now, it's come back around again.  I'm not suggesting a conspiracy theory, nor am I offering skepticism.  This is not a prophetic claim either, but rather just raising a question about an upcoming time frame.

We know President Obama cannot run again, and it's already clear he isn't.  Many are concerned, however; that some sort of emergency situation could suspend the 2016 presidential election, which would keep him in office beyond his term limit.  I've not dismissed that thought at all, but I've also toyed with a different perspective.  I'm really not sure that it would necessarily involve a conspiracy, but rather simply a "coincidence" of timing and happenstance.  Whether that "coincidence" is contrived or coordinated, I cannot say, but we do know a One World Government is prophesied.

Most Americans already believe the President, any President; is a mere puppet of those who place him in office.  Some call it a conspiracy, some call it capitalism run amok, and some call it communism creeping in.  Perhaps if we all just stood together and quit fighting the red and blue, we'd realize our "so called" republic or democracy is really an aristocracy or oligarchy.  The reality is really pretty clear.  The US is not so free or independent.  I'm not saying I don't love America, I'm just saying the image is different than the reality.  Now, back to a thought I've had, and perhaps it's really more of a question.

The US election is November of 2016.  Even Wikipedia uses the term "is scheduled for" November 8, 2016.  The UN will be selecting a new Secretary General this year, also; as the present term will end December 31, 2016.  Wikipedia states that candidates from the Permanent Five Members are not usually considered for the position of Secretary General to avoid a concentration of power, but there is a rumor that President Obama is interested in the position.  So, who knows?  Barack Obama is such a "trail blazer" it's not difficult to imagine him to be the first Secretary General from one of the Permanent Five Members.  Maybe he'll be nominated by another country, entirely.   Perhaps this is how the whole "birth certificate" situation will be resolved.  In a quick Google search, it is confirmed that Kenya is a member of the UN,  yet I digress . . .

In the time frame following the presidential election, however; any number of things could happen.  There is a span of about 2 1/2 months from the election to the inauguration.  What if Hillary is elected, then charged regarding her emails or Benghazi?  I'm certainly not wishing ill upon any candidate, but Bernie Sanders is no spring chicken . . .  He'll be 75 before the election even takes place.  That is 6 years older than Reagan was when he was elected, and democrats across the country thought he was entirely too old for the job.  Donald Trump will turn 70 this summer.

With the large number of republican nominees, they will likely do so much in-party fighting that none of their candidates will remain truly viable.  The debates seem to be most successful in convincing the American public to not even consider voting republican.  So far they seem to be accomplishing that as well as propelling Trump forward as a "non" republican whom they will not support if he does win the nomination.  With a fractured republican party, one of the senior citizen mentioned in the previous paragraph could, in all reality, be our next elected president.

Then there is also the chance that Obama could already win the appointment of UN Secretary General, before the American election has "resulted" in a winner, or even taken place.  Say for whatever the reason, President Obama is nominated and appointed to serve as the Secretary General of the UN for the next term, beginning January 1, 2017.  If Obama is appointed to the UN and there is some sort of calamity preventing the US presidential election, what happens?   If the election does take place as planned, regardless of the candidate elected for President, they will not be inaugurated until January 20, 2017.  If President Obama leaves his post for the UN position, that will leave America with President Joe Biden and no VP for 20 days.

Again, not wishing any harm on our elderly candidates, but life past 70 is uncertain anyway, much less in high stress situations.  As we already know, a great deal can happen in less time than 20 days! I'm not one to borrow trouble, but in times of such global uncertainty, introducing a situation of national historical precedence does elicit some concern or at least curiosity!    

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.  Prophecy of Daniel
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