Sunday, October 26, 2014

When Trust is Gone

Trust is a difficult topic to address.  It seems distrust or loss of trust is easier to identify and categorize.  Many of us openly acknowledge our distrust of the mainstream media.  Sadly, many who feel one set of initials cannot be trusted, have chosen to give blind faith to another set of initials which are basically owned by the same power behind the scenes.  In recognizing and vocalizing distrust of media, the integrity of our leaders and representatives then comes into question.  Who can we trust?  Once the distrust has been recognized, acknowledged, and even verbalized, then what?

Most of us have experienced the loss of trust on a personal level, and once that occurs, if we have any sense at all, the relationship needs to be re-evaluated, reconsidered, or redefined.  Loss of trust changes things.  Even in the case of repentance and remorse, there is still a probation period required to rebuild what was lost.  When trust is breached in personal relationships, we can choose to keep a guard up or choose to rebuild the relationship, or in many cases, just be kind, yet wary.  In my own life, when it's not matters of life and death, like broken promises about someone doing something that they repeatedly forget, I just realize that's one of those things I can't count on and do it myself.  I don't choose to let it actually alter the rest of the relationship, but . . . in matters of importance, a loss of trust is a game changer!  The only proven method of working around the situation, is 100% faith in our Heavenly Father, regarding public information and our government!

Citizens have attempted to continue to believe in our country, while changing news sources and electing a different party, but as we can see, the trust is simply gone.  We all have that sad relationship in which we love someone, but we can't trust them.  The majority of Americans seem to feel that way about our country.  We love what our nation "stands for," but . . .Very few of us, any more, feel we can believe anything the media reports, and we openly declare politicians, to be untrustworthy.   So what is the average citizen to do as an individual regarding this breach of trust?  I can't speak for anyone else, but I will voice the extremes my brain has been sorting through.

First and foremost, every headline I read is either a distraction from, or one step closer to the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy . . . or both.  When I see a report of a school shooting, I pray for our children, then wonder if it's real or a false flag.  When I see another suspected case of ebola, I feel compassion for the potential victims, concern for the possible spread, then doubt the information.  When I see CDC reports, I completely dismiss their validity.  The CDC and FDA are in the same folder in my file cabinet!  When I see common core and LGBTQ propaganda, I have no question, it's an agenda.  As for the illegal immigration situation, that's a situation both parties have proven will not be addressed in a protective manner, but is rather just one more variable to divide the people for the conquer.  There is a common thread in all of this, however; and that is the certainty of misinformation, division of the people, and the goal to control.

Ebola could certainly be the single threat that accomplishes the most control.  First, much of the citizenry is aware of the patent, so that does make it more frightening, and gives every indication, there is no one to trust.  The second problem with ebola, is we have to take "their" word for the confirmed cases, and so far, it's been those in health care who seem to be the "vehicles" used in spreading it.  These two frightening variables cannot be factored into a logical plan.  If the government controls the disease and health care spreads it, where does one go for safety?  Obviously, the only answer is The One Who is trustworthy.  Our Creator is still greater than anything humanity can come up with, but . . . and I know this sounds "preachy."  We have to make a clear and concise decision and stick with it.  Do we trust our Creator or do we vacillate back and forth?  Most in America think there is a proper combo of politics, medicine, and faith.  I no longer adhere to that blend, and haven't for nearly a decade and a half!

As most are questioning as to whether it is really even happening or the other extreme, is it potentially air borne and they aren't telling us, we have to realize these two questions are quite polarizing.  We are rapidly approaching the point in history in which there is no middle ground and none of us know which extreme to believe!  Since there is nothing new under the sun, I suggest we realize and face the fact, this has been done before, and the only personal solution is to allow our Creator to raise us above this extreme polarization with full faith in Him and Him alone.  An election will not change the prophesied course of this nation.  A vaccination will not lengthen one's numbered days, but . . . a lack of faith does have eternal consequences.

Setting aside all theories, the simple goal of earthly power, is absolute control and that will take place regardless of party leadership, social media protest, or proving agendas, it's prophecy!  This generation simply cannot continue in the societal mixing and mingling we were taught.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve YHUH, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve YHUH.  history of Holy Scripture

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