Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Power of Fear

Fear is quite a powerful force.  Our politicians are well aware of that fact, and have been through several administrations.  According to Scripture, it would seem the only thing more powerful than fear, is love.  In this world, love is sadly, in very short supply; so fear prevails.  As I read the headlines, the very first thing that crosses my mind, is of course; what are we not seeing while anywhere between 2-5 suspected cases of ebola are covering the country, raising the potential number exponentially?

Clearly, this is no accident!  This entire Dallas fiasco, is reprehensible.  First, they sent a very sick man home, then two days later, was brought back in by ambulance.  I realize we're being told it's all quite containable and under control, until the next headline . . . I do believe this entire "ebola scare" is very much under control, but I'm not thrilled with the ones who are in control!   We have since been told that everyone he came in contact with is being monitored.  The fact that he is dead and cannot give a full account of everyone with whom he had contact, obviously leaves that statement unconfirmed and unprovable.

Meanwhile, it seems a couple of healthcare workers at the Dallas hospital have absolutely no regard for those whom they may put in harm's way.  One, knowingly boarded a flight with a fever having called CDC, and well aware that a coworker was in isolation awaiting possible ebola confirmation, and that she also had cared for the man who had died.  This second health care worker was a lab tech, I believe who went on a cruise and got the whole ship turned around at Belize and headed back to the Texas port.  Isn't it great to know there are such caring, responsible people in health care?

While the ebola headlines continue to pervade our internet information, the human enterovirus 68 is losing media coverage.  What appeared to be a firestorm last month in 12 states has now been reported in 32 more, but on the decline?  I've included a CDC link with a map, that is said to revise and repost, weekly with new information.

KU Med Center is reported to have encountered two possible cases of ebola with the lab results coming back, negative.  Toward the end of the CDC report about the two patients at KU, one is suspected of possibly having contracted typhoid or typhus, and the other had malaria . . .  As it turns out, Big Pharma has vaccines for typhoid as well as typhus, and medications for the prevention and treatment of malaria.

With all the ebola headlines, I nearly missed this one.

Heal me, O YHUH, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.  Prophet of Holy Scripture

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