Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pandemic Invasion ?

photo in USA Today

I've done several blogs through the years on the subject of TSA, a.k.a. Transportation Security Administration.  Through the years, my blogs have mostly been tongue in cheek, but sincerely expressing my disdain for this outrageous display of control.  I was first introduced to TSA in 2002 going to Washington DC.  Since it was the first year after 9/11 and the Capital, I did my best to cut them some slack.  I mean, paranoia in high places, did reign supreme at the time.

It was eighteen months later, when doing a bit of international traveling, my skepticism rose.  By the time I returned from my travels and headed to the City of Brotherly Love later that same year, skepticism gave way to outright cynicism and disgust.  It became obvious that this was really not about safety at all, but seeing how much the sheople would tolerate in submission.  When my underwires held up the line at KCI, I was asked if I wanted to be groped privately.  My statement was simple.  "No thank you, do it here, I want witnesses!"  It was at that moment, I knew, I would choose a public strip search, rather than submit to their private molestation policy.  It was also at that moment, I made the choice to never put myself in that position again!

Since retiring my passport and no longer racking up any frequent flier miles, I've continued to monitor the outrageous policies of the TSA, and the horrific acts of invasion and violence this agency has perpetrated in airports.  What has been consistent is the "introduction" of further invasive procedures, the backlash, the "simmer down time" then the implementation of the invasive procedure while dangling a carrot or tossing a crumb to the willing throngs . . .  I had a dream several years ago that I knew was of spiritual significance.  I thought the "herding" was done in a mall setting, but now after seeing some of the photos of this latest security measure, I'm wondering if that dream atmosphere was not a mall, but an airport.

We've gone from walking through the metal detectors, emptying pockets and removing coats and shoes to, manual pat downs and seriously invasive body searches, to technological strip search, and now to temperature checks.  I watched the person ahead of me in an airport go right on through in their burqa, no questions asked, no pat down, no nothing.  With only their eyes showing, they could have been anyone!  Actually, there was really no indication that it was even a woman . . . I pondered that fact, through my underwire patdown.

Perhaps Americans traveling back into the US would be less inconvenienced if they simply flew into Mexico and walked on in.  One of my snarkier blogs actually suggested combining health care and airport security.  It was a warning, not a recommendation!

We are seriously looking at fulfillment of judgment for not heeding the warning of our Creator.

If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, YHWH thy G-D . . . Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, them will YHWH bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed.  Torah of Holy Scripture
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