Sunday, November 02, 2014

Weighing the Evidence

Kaci Hickox is certainly receiving her 15 minutes of fame, isn't she!  I didn't realize I could have any less respect for America's political health care system, but as it turns out, I do.  In watching her interview, I can honestly say, I wouldn't want her to take care of my dog.  I was completely unimpressed by her statement.  The idea of going to another continent to take care of people sounds like such an heroic humanitarian effort, and for many, I'm sure it is.  I don't understand though, if she's truly the heroic humanitarian that she is presented to be, why would a three week vacation with reading material, wifi, and menu options be so horrible?  I don't place nurses high on my trust list, anyway; but this truly should shake the faith of many.  I know there are many well intentioned caregivers in the system, but I also know there are many in health care for the money and control.

Health care can hold any patient for several reasons, remove children from their parent's custody, and ruin lives based upon subjective whims and unquestioned authority.  There are already in place enough state health care regulation to keep the average John Q. Public against his will, for general observation.  HIPAA laws prevent family and friends from gaining information, so realistically a person could be held and that information not released.  I'd also include a Scriptural reference from Matthew 10, in which some of us may actually face quarantine or being held, and family will jump right in to support the captivity.  Be aware of the facts of your state and whom you trust with your information.  Be it health care worker, law enforcement, or family, we need to know whom we can trust, and whom we cannot.  Most of us won't have the political power Kacy Hickox has enjoyed.  When it comes to the powers that be, whether it's police, health care, or lawyers, "they" do take care of "their own."

I've referred to this nurse as irresponsible, selfish, and agreed with a number of negative comments that have been made regarding her refusal to be quarantined for 21 days after caring for ebola patients.  Through her "press conference" someone mentioned that her roommate in West Africa has been diagnosed with ebola, to which she said that was errant information and she didn't want to take the focus off of her, I mean, "the court's decision."  Even NASA astronauts enter a time of seclusion after reentering and landing.  Obviously there is a vast difference in discipline and integrity between astronauts and health care workers, but I digress . . .

Perhaps this nurse doesn't need quarantine or seclusion.  I truly hope she is not sick.  Perhaps this nurse, as an employee or agent of the CDC, knows she doesn't have ebola because she knows exactly how this deadly disease is contracted.  The cynic in me has surfaced though, and I'm truly wondering if she's really been anywhere taking care of anyone.  This could be a great false flag!

. . . and be sure your sin will find you out.  Torah of Holy Scripture

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