Sunday, November 16, 2014

Defining Prejudice

Prejudice can be observed in our politics, in our justice system, in our individual choices and comments.  Prejudice is not simply a "black and white" issue and it certainly isn't a one way street.   Sadly, it is defined so fluidly, there really is no place to begin or end.  Prejudice is simply a matter of what has been taught to the human heart.  When it comes to race, we know babies see color, but simply do not care.  Skin tone is not what young children base their perspective upon, until they are taught to.  Babies do not care what color their caretaker is, as long as they are kept comfortable and feel safe.  Children in groups, just enjoy playing.  Fun is not determined by color, but by activity and social interaction.  The atmosphere of the culture in which a child spends their formative years determines their views of the world around them, with only one of those factors being race.

While so many parents are leaving the raising of their children to the system, "stranger danger" is taught very early.  Statistically, more children are abused by someone they know and trust, but fear of strangers becomes imbedded.  In many cases, the term stranger becomes further defined as "anyone different."  Different can then be racial, cultural, religious, political, or even geographical . . . I'm not suggesting we embrace every difference, and I certainly do not advocate the politically correct concept of "coexist" with the unity that is suggested by the UN and the Vatican.  Differences should be recognized and in many cases, there is cause for alarm.  The alarm, however; should not be based on skin tone, but rather ideology.  Sadly, our political and judicial system are leading much of our society to divide and most of the sheople are following.

As a rule, I like folks of all colors and background, but I draw the line at arrogance and bigotry, which comes in all colors.  I simply do not enjoy people who think too highly of themselves and I really prefer to avoid those who put others down.  I don't like name calling and have a particular pet peeve about folks who change a name or term slightly to make fun of someone.   It's big in talk radio and I find it very annoying, but based upon the popularity, must openly admit, it is apparently my personal problem, so I deal with it.  We can't make everyone accommodate and work around our personal quirks.  Yet it seems, the various minorities do that.  Our society continues to become more fractured as each special interest group desperately seeks a way to be a slighted minority or a humble grassroots movement.

A frightening issue is looming in my home state.  The prejudice is so extreme, it exceeds the desire for truth. The issue is no longer about right or wrong, or community, but simply the "them vs. us" ideology.  Sadly, two of the biggest issues our country now faces, are factors in the situation in Ferguson.  There is much distrust between the citizens and law enforcement.  To intensify that problem, the officer is white and the suspect black.  To that already shaky situation, add Al Sharpton and three White House officials.  It's as if, anarchy is the goal!  If the officer had been black, or the suspect, white, it wouldn't have even made the headlines outside the local area.  That can be verified in the fact that a non white officer shot a young unarmed white man within days of the incident in Ferguson, resulting in very different responses.  A white man was shot by a non-white police officer in Utah, but no one is crying for charges to be filed.

If the leadership and talking heads can continue to keep us divided and fearful, prejudice will increase.  Blacks hating whites is just as racist, as white bigotry.  It's time we the people stop fighting amongst ourselves and take exception with those who are feeding the fear and sowing the strife.  I've already made the joke after listening to so many democratic voices play the race card when some disagrees with the policies of the current administration.  "When the "other party" nominates a candidate of color in this next presidential campaign, they'll be holding the race card!  What will Oprah say when the "old white people" who haven't died, vote for someone like Ben Carson or Alan West?

In all the problems facing America, it seems like skin tone should be way down on the list.  I'm tired of the black and white issue, while the rainbow has been stolen by an agenda seeking to devour our children.  I'm tired of the pretend persecution of a manufactured war over a holiday, when real persecution is already taking place and heading our way.  I'm also extremely tired of the red conservatives vs. blue liberals, when it's incredibly obvious party politicians of both sides are working toward the same end:  control!  Reverse racism and political prejudice are simply choreographed to keep the people divided and ultimately enslaved!

. . . for YHWH seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but YHWH looketh on the heart.  History of Holy Scripture



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