Sunday, February 02, 2014

The State of the Union

Increased division and economic decline is the state of this union.  Unfortunately, division is the distraction for the people while the powers that be, go for the power grab . . . for our own good, of course!  If there is anyone who is still even remotely entertaining the idea that a change of party will bring any real change, they don't understand the problem.

By that same token, for those who actually believe Obama has brought hope and change, I genuinely feel sad for you.  

When the Bush Republicans all repeated the Limbaugh and Hannity sound bites, it was annoying, but not unexpected.   I have been surprised, however;  that the party who touts themselves to be free-thinking and progressive have become so lock-steppy through the Obama administration.  

America is not experiencing an economic recovery.  The stock market and banks have enjoyed a resurgence, but then they also enjoyed the bailout.  This President has increased his net worth exponentially and enjoyed quite a lavish lifestyle at no expense to himself.  I realize all Presidents enjoy a very posh lifestyle in office, and most of them have already attained that before making their way to the Oval Office, but the outrageous expensive trips have seemed to be a bit of a slap in the face to Americans who can't afford heat, much less a trip to Hawaii. 

What truly floors me in this political hostility is the division is in the people.  The politicians are enjoying a lavish lifestyle at the taxpayer's expense.  The only thing that concerns Congress is getting re-elected.  The State of the Union is dismal and it really doesn't matter what the President says, he'll only say later that someone misunderstood or feign tied hands and victim.  We've got to see past the political division that is being perpetrated on us and realize we're all in the same boat.  It matters not what the average citizen has earned, saved, or invested, our government has already proven "we the people" are not too big to fail . . .  The powers that be aren't clueless as to the circumstances of what used to be called the Middle Class, the powers that be on both sides of the aisle have systematically torn down the Middle Class.  Regardless of the (R) or (D) behind the name, we've been able to see since the Reagan administration, our government is parasitic of it's own people.

I've watched for too long now, the exact same policy presented by one party and hated by the other, then the power shift and that same policy becomes embraced by those who previously hated it and despised by those who accepted it from their party.  I'd like to offer two perfect examples of what has divided our nation by both parties in power.  The USA Patriot Act and NSA are simply two different ways to spy on Americans and invade our privacy.  When Bush enacted the USA Patriot Act, the Democrats despised it and the Republicans simply shrugged and said, "It's no problem if you've got nothing to hide."  NSA, on the other hand, is not an invasion of privacy for Republicans, while Democrats simply shrug and applaud.   

This final example has just made me sick every time I eve think about it.  When photographs of abuse at Abu Ghraib appeared, the left was horrified and Cheney was an ogre.  I agree, forbidding cameras was a ridiculously callous solution.  But now we've had Benghazi, and Hillary can say, "What difference does it make?" and that's somehow acceptable to those same people who found Cheney reprehensible?    Right and wrong do not change according to party!

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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