Sunday, January 26, 2014

Down the Road

I began blogging, 9 years ago January 26.  Interestingly, all these years later, I've been blessed to make the acquaintance of many diligent writers and we are on the cusp of the anniversary of the Goshen Gazette, as well.   I had forgotten what the first blog topic was, but it continues to contain timely material.  There is a profound truth, we simply must realize.  American politics is theatrical diversion, and nothing more.  The agenda to keep the citizens divided has become 9 years stronger than when I first began writing, and sadly, the Bible continues to be treated with less respect by our society.  Life is simply not valued politically, and only argued religiously.

I watched a video of a man, probably in his late thirties or early forties, father of two daughters, expressing his view of the "morality of abortion," and how immoral it would be to rescind Roe v Wade.   Roe v. Wade is not a liberal/conservative political issue.  The issue of abortion has served to prove how little our society does value life and morality.  I am not advocating for abortion at all in this next statement, as the Bible clearly says, "thou shalt not kill," but the Bible also says we are to care for the fatherless.  It's easy to be anti-abortion in words, and again, I'm not advocating genocide or infanticide, but we need to have a viable plan for things to actually change.  For those who are pro-life, just how would we care for these estimated 50 million fatherless children?

What are we doing for the children who are born?  The court system is filled with family service issues and support enforcement mandates.  It would take hours and hours of research to account for all the children who were born, and have been institutionalized by the system that claims to be "pro-life and freedom!"

Here is the historical fact about Roe v. Wade.  It was a 7-2 majority of the Supreme Court, handed down January of 1973.  Here are the last names of the justices and the presidents who appointed the men that made this decision.  Making this a partisan political issue is about dividing the people, and controlling the population.

Justice Douglas appointed by FDR                        (D)
Justice Stewart                  President Eisenhower   (R)
Justice Brennan                                    "               (R)
Justice White                     President Kennedy      (D)            - dissent
Justice Marshall                 President Johnson       (D)
Justice Burger                    President Nixon          (R)
Justice Blackmun                                 "               (R)
Justice Powell                                      "               (R)
Justice Rehnquist                                 "               (R)              - dissent  

One democrat appointed justice and one republican appointed justice dissented on this case.  That is all and that was the morality 40+ years ago.  Our society has now spent over 40 years arguing about life in the womb, while life outside the womb has denigrated beyond and beneath our Creator's standard.

 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;  Torah of Holy Scripture

In posterity . . . the first blog entry
When Religion and Politics Unite
We realize there have been many examples; horrific examples, throughout history of the disastrous union of religious devotion and political agenda, but one particularly stands out. When the political power of the day: Rome, conferred with the religious power of the time: the Sanhedrin; the Son of G~d was crucified. What if the politically incorrect and the religiously unacceptable are right? What if [and I believe it is] the Bible is absolutely perfect and without contradictory and the interpretations of man are fraught with error? Then the narrow road would not be 3-15% wider in the polls than the road to perdition. Therefore, according to Scripture, a true man of G~d could not possibly have the mandate of the people. 

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