Sunday, February 16, 2014

Relative Age

America is historically so young to have risen to such a powerful height.  Many say it's the blessing of our Creator, but He didn't raise Israel up that quickly at all!  I do believe our Creator has allowed America's rise, though; in fulfillment of the end of days prophecy.  As a creationist, I figure the world to be just less than 6,000 years old.  With America being a little over 200 years old, this analogy seems to make more sense than I even care to consider.

We'll start with a little math.  Let's remove 2 zeroes  from each figure.  Now we have 60 and 2.  Including the figures of the Great Flood, we lose about 1500 years off of history, so that brings about an even more startling comparison.  Say the nations around the fertile crescent are the oldest at about 45, while Rome is about 25, with Europe a little younger as the empire expanded.

Since nations are comprised of people, let's consider the ages of power.  At 45, the brute strength is ebbing, but knowledge and wisdom have accumulated, and there is still strength to bring implementation.  This is probably the age at which physical strength and acute sensibility are probably at their optimal combination.  Although wisdom and experience continue to increase, the strength and individual power to implement wanes.   The Middle East and Northern Africa, with some of southern Asia would be in this "age range." Clearly, long established traditions, but the power lies in their resources rather than their military.  This truly makes the oldest nations right at their prime of knowing what has worked and implementing the change for expanding power.  Although we know Israel is also in this age group, the removal of Torah for their national laws has left this nation in a severely vulnerable position.

Anywhere between 16 and 25, which is basically where Europe and western Asia would be; the physical strength is paramount, but knowledge and wisdom have not reached a level of maturity.  We can see by the headlines, these countries are often fickle in their decisions.  There should still be questions and leadership beyond that age.  European tradition, with the exception of Greece and Italy are still young compared to tradition of the Middle East.  Brute force only works for the immediate conquest, but unready leadership cannot sustain the operations of a Sovereign nation.  That's why we see so many young nations established by conquest collapse after gaining independence, because they don't yet know, how to function outside of war.  Many of the empires since ancient Babylon have been examples of this.  Alexander the Great was a mighty warrior, but he led in battle and conquest, not in the peaceful running of a nation.

Realizing this is quite simplistic and isn't really including much of the southern hemisphere, the example will still be well made, I believe.  We now come to our historic new kid on the northern hemisphere block, America.  Now, if the European immigrants hadn't changed it, I'm not sure where it would be, but the truth of the matter is, the US Constitution is the law of the land.  A land that historically is a toddler.  Even at a stretch, it's still a toddler in the "terrible twos."  It is my personal belief that America is just the attention grabbing toddler while the real powers that be go into place . . . and as for the blessing of YHWH, well . . . a baby is always handled gently.  Seems once the toddling began the tantrums against our Creator have magnified.

I always end this blog with a Scripture, but there is no Scripture to justify the behavior of America.

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