Sunday, February 23, 2014

So Many Terms

In all the lists in these two links, I couldn't find my gender identity.  I am a celibate heterosexual female who does not identify capability, interests, and traits with gender.  With the exception of putting on a bra, most everything I do in any given day can be done by either gender.  I identify as a woman, because that's what I am, but I am so much more than my anatomical identity.  I am a servant of YHWH, I work from home on a computer, I'm a writer, I love to garden, I have livestock and pets, and I care about people, all kinds of people.  I'm truly not drawn to people on a sexual basis, I refer to myself as platonic.  I am human, so, of course, I do have my favorites!  I've always had more male friends than female, but friendship doesn't require sexuality or gender identification.  Actually, friendship requires someone to care about understanding another human being, rather than being understood.      

I am troubled in all this gender labeling which seems more a matter of narcissistic confusion; that heterosexuality is being redefined.  I figured it was coming, but to see it in print is troubling.  Why does all the so-called "gender openness" and political correct tolerance require what was once defined, to be redefined?

>>>Heterosexuality: Sexual, emotional, and/or romantic attraction to a sex other than your own.
Commonly thought of as “attraction to the opposite sex” but since there are not only two sexes (see
intersex and transsexual), this definition is inaccurate. <<<

The full glossary of terms covers 8 pages.  The link is below.

Although I haven't found the new options on Facebook, I have seen others making comment.  What I find interesting is even by the "open tolerance" of all this redefinition, gender is listed as an option, rather than an absolute!  So, if it's an option, it's a matter of choice.

No one is assigned their sex or gender at birth, the sex of the baby is identified at birth, or now often before birth with a sonogram, but it's not assigned.  Most prenatal studies suggest the sex of human embryo is determined on the 40th day of gestation and continues to develop upon that basis.

So G-d created man in his own image, in the image of G-d created he him; male and female created he them.  Torah of Holy Scripture

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