Sunday, December 29, 2013

Three Terrifying Terms in America

Christian Psychology, Conservative Compassion, Liberal Tolerance.  These three terms invoke a visceral reaction in me when I see them used.  We all learned early on, when somebody says, "Trust me!"  We better keep an eye on everything that isn't locked up or nailed down.  In reading comments by any of the above espousing thoughts, the mindset seems to be to redefine, rather than set the example.  These three terms really seem to be oxymorons.

Christian Psychology brings everything but sound logic to the table.  The New Testament makes reference that believers are to have the mind of Messiah, not the latest self-proclaimed expert and author.  A doctorate in psychology is a secular degree.  To attach a religious adjective only indicates the earnest attempt to mix holy with profane, which is clearly forbidden in Scripture.

Conservative Compassion is probably the most honest term of the three.  It clearly indicates the one in control will be conserving their compassion while determining who is deserving of such.  Compassion offered conservatively, indicates by small measure and micromanaged.  Although I do believe it's fairly honest of the folks who are proud to feel they demonstrate their compassion, conservatively, I would not choose to be on the receiving end of this seemingly small outpouring.  Conservative compassion doesn't evoke an image of outpouring or abundance, but rather a drip or crumbs.

Liberal Tolerance wins the prize for the ultimate in oxymoron.   The very first definition in WordWeb for TOLERANCE:  The power or capacity of an organism to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions.  When I looked up Liberal, the definition for using is an adjective as it is here is:  Showing or characterized by broad-mindedness . . . I've yet to meet anyone of either political leaning who is broad minded toward the other political leaning.  As for tolerance, I've seen some pretty hateful things said under the guise of tolerance.  Being intolerant of those you define to be intolerable is not tolerance, at all!

I used to say, I hated bigotry so badly, I was a bigot . . . against bigots.  I realize we are programmed to believe that bigotry is steeped in ignorance, but it isn't, it's foundation is pride and hate.  Hating someone, anyone, who is different and feeling superior in doing; so is bigotry.   Regardless of the social euphemisms and philanthropic terms in which we try to package our hateful pride, it is still bigotry.  The three terms we've chosen to exalt our own thinking, cast judgment, or claim progress is nothing more than another way of saying, everyone who disagrees with me is wrong, and really needs their lifestyle, speech, and thought; monitored.

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate . . . New Testament

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