Sunday, October 27, 2013

Perfectly Unbalanced

I've come across some odd information that seems like some sort of bizarre math problem.  I was gifted in school to be able to just look at a story problem and see the answer, the problem was in showing my work.  I now see, we have one heck of a story problem, and even if we can show the work, I think it the answer contains an unknown variable . . .

Organic homesteads are being busted, cities have ordinances against gardens, food stamp dependency has increased by about 500%, yet in the last 5 years Cabela's stock has increased approximately by that same percentage.  Back in 2009 Cabela's stock was around $10.00, last I checked it was over $60.   Meanwhile, Big Ag is running mostly on insurance due to weather issues.

The missing variable here, is what concerns me.  Why has a company that sells equipment for living off the land had such huge stock increase at the same time and rate as dependency on the government has increased?  Is off the grid existence going to still be based upon government provision or are there really militias forming?  I don't know which one it is, but there is a definite breakdown between sufficiency and dependence and it still points to the food supply.

I've seen reports of gardens demolished over ordinances and I've seen reports of thousands of pounds of meat destroyed, and this is all by an indebted government with authority over dependent hungry people.  There is clearly something wrong with this equation.  I've already read that many hunters will not be donating their kill after reading of the destruction.

The true Jeremiah Johnson's, live off  the land types, aren't the ones running the stock up on high end "simplicity" as it's packaged at Cabela's.  Cabela's has some great products, but that sort of inventory caters to hobbyists enjoying yet another new toy.  Besides with all the hunting and fishing regulations, not to mention the skill all but lost, hunting is not going to keep very many people from starving.

It's time to get practical about our circumstances.  Hunting is wonderful and wild game is a great feast, but it's not a sustainable food supply like gardening, and hunting is very regulated.  The Department of Conservation was the first government agency with the authority to come in your house without warning . . . and take the meat out of your freezer.  As the food supply becomes an issue, by cost and availability, we need to keep in mind, there's been a disconnect between provision and true sustainability.

And YHWH G-d took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.  Torah of Holy Scripture

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