Sunday, November 03, 2013

Remember Story Problems in Elementary School?

In the fifth grade we just wanted to get the right answer.  We had no idea, story problems would actually affect our lives in such a monumental way, did we?   The entire country is now facing a story problem and I don't think anyone knows the right answer.

The story problem reads:  A train leaves Washington DC @ 9:55 am, October 17 heading for a cliff going $400 million an hour.  Will it derail before it goes over the cliff?  If it will derail, what time?  If it goes over the cliff, in what destination will it arrive?       Show your work.

A recession was announced a year after it was determined to have begun.  Some of us average folk had already sensed what seemed to take Washington DC another year to discover, or at least recognize.  In all fairness to the Washington politicians, they don't live like the rest of us, so perhaps it did take another year for them to see it!

So, nearing the end of 2008, it was announced that America had entered a recession in late 2007, and the administration at that time was bidding us all fond adieu.  He did some sort hocus pocus with a stimulus plan, allocating 1/2 before he left and leaving the other half to be distributed by his predecessor.  By early 2009 we saw the auto bail out, which actually seems to have resulted in many dealership closings, and oh don't forget the cash for clunkers plan!  The the housing market collapsed as the jobs continued to dry up . . . but by mid 2010, we were told the economy had made the transition from recession to recovery . . . Here is where it gets a bit difficult to follow.

All this time, unemployment benefits are being extended, food stamp dependency is increasing exponentially, homes are empty in foreclosure and this is the recovery portion of the story . . .  Meanwhile the stock market is making some interesting increases and gold is skyrocketing.  The gap between independent wealth and dependent despair is widening, but the dependent group is expanding in number.  Cities are passing ordinances against gardens, even though the food stamp budget is being trimmed back and the extended unemployment benefits have left many folks simply no longer included in the statistics.
So far, if I were showing my work, it would look something like this, so far.

For all those still enjoying the blame game we have Clinton's 5.7 trillion when he left office, having added a little over 1 T to Bush 41's.  Even with Obama's record, I believe Reagan holds the record for debt increase percentage.  Bush 43 added 4.9T plus the stimulus, then came Obama.  5.7T +4.9T + 700B +  6T = 17T  Meanwhile, regardless of who we blame, it is the people who will pay the price or actually our grandchildren.

17T - 5B SNAP + $ ∞  - UN  =  X

The national deficit when Bush 43 took office was 5.7 trillion, when he left 10 trillion.  It just hit 17 trillion, but in the mean time, the need and cost of food stamps has increased by about 500%, but that budget will be cut, by 5B because Washington got a loan and claims our economy is recovery.  Now 17T plus no debt ceiling [infinite spending] minus unemployment non-statistics equals X.  

All we need to do is find the value of X!

Wherefore shall we die before thine eyes, both we and our land? buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants unto Pharaoh: and give us seed, that we may live, and not die, that the land be not desolate.  Torah of Holy Scripture

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