Monday, October 04, 2010

Why Do Pro-Lifers Focus on Death?

I am beginning to find the pro-life movement disgusting. Not that I am changing my views about life in the womb, I am just wearied by the so called pro-life methods. First, G~D didn't separate life and choice, politics has done that. G~D's Word says, "Choose Life that you and your children may life." See, choice and life in the same sentence . . . Who knew that was even possible? But what is really disgusting me is all the death talk in the name of pro-life. I watched a youtube video that was heart wrenchingly disgusting after it began with a sweet little message to "all women that have had an abortion." I was just mortified with what followed. I remember last year at the County Fair, the "abortion museum" presented on behalf of the pro-life movement. I, personally, know of a young lady that was attending religious college and she was literally expelled for tearing down a poster of a dismembered fetus. She said it was just horrible to look at day after day in the class room. So, she got in trouble for destroying the poster and kicked out of class. What's with pro-life people and their obsession to be deathly offensive? I realize the most vocal pro-lifers are really nothing more than anti-choice in all of life. I would never encourage anyone to think abortion is an option, but then what does society do with unwanted children? Adoption is scary, too, because enough money to hire an attorney doesn't insure good parents. I've seen cases of adoption, where the "new" simply wore off. And adopted kids are reminded their entire life that they are adopted. I've heard people talk about so and so and they are 40 years old while still referring to their parents adopting them. Our society just can't seem to take hold of choosing life and enjoying it. But I'm real tired of hearing the same old horror stories about abortion through every campaign season.
. . . therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: Torah of Holy Scripture
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