Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doctors and Lawyers

I truly don't have much respect for either profession, but I guess when it comes down to it, more people trust doctors than lawyers. I'm not really sure why that is, as both professions charge a fortune when a person is really grasping for answers and usually not in their best place of decision making or income security. So with that being said, I tripped over a bit of interesting information the other day in my work. I answer questions at AllExperts and offer ministerial counseling through my website, as well as participate in various forums which cover a vast number of topics and threads, so there is information out there for all of us. The one situation I just had to mention is in regard to custody rights and child support. I absolutely support men's rights when it comes to their children or in society in general for that matter. It's as if the hard working guys that really try; get the short end of the stick and the "loser, user, deadbeats" get the breaks. I've noticed that with women, too, though. We've all watched the "mousy damsel in distress" suck the life blood out of everybody, and we know the screeching harpy will get her way just to not have to listen to her, but the woman that is just doing the best she can and attempting to enjoy a few simple things in life along the way, usually gets the shoddiest treatment. Well, to my point, finally. I actually became aware of an attorney that will literally fight for the "loser, user, deadbeat" and arrogantly ask that the "loser, user, deadbeat" be awarded for his lack of contribution by the very woman that supported his worthless hind-end before their divorce. This attorney will actually fight to take the food out of the mouths of children just to walk out of the courtroom a winner for his loser, client. This attorney actually asked for his fee to be paid by the other party, which only makes sense, since it must have been obvious his client wouldn't pay. If I had not seen the decision myself, I would have never thought such a thing could happen. I know I wouldn't trust a doctor or lawyer any farther than I could thrown one, but I had no idea the depth of low for which someone would strive.
He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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