Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Lighter Side of Politics

I call it the lighter side, because I simply cannot take Christine O'Donnell seriously. She does have a look of being a "Sarahbot" which is playing well, but I remember her back in the late 90's on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect." She just seemed like an attention starved dim-wit, although she and Bill had a sort of "sizzling rivalry" that seemed rather lusty. The reason for addressing her campaign in the blog, however; isn't about her antics of yesteryear, it's about her would be straightforwardness. Okay, she's not a witch, but she dabbled in witchcraft, so as Bible believer, I'd like to hear her testimony regarding her deliverance . . . rather than her anti-sex and anti-abortion sound bytes. Next, if I lived in Delaware, I would not want her anywhere near any budgetary considerations, the woman can't add! I included the quote that I will address below.

Newark, Delaware (CNN) – "I am not a witch."

Those are usually not the first words spoken by a political candidate in their first general election campaign commercial.

"I haven't been embarrassed. And I'm not saying that I'm proud," O'Donnell told CNN's Jim Acosta last week. "I've matured in my faith. I've matured in my policies. Today you have a forty something woman running for office. Not a 20 year old. So that's a big difference."

I personally saw her on the panel talking with Bill Maher in the late 90's and I checked every source I could find. I could not find any of his shows that featured Christine O'Donnell before 1997, which was only 13 years ago. Many of her comments regarding years of accomplishment or whatever seem to later be amiss. Well, she now says she is 41. For the record 41-13 = 28. There is a huge difference between 28 and the age 20, which she claimed. There has not been 20+ years of maturity. And most of the appearances I saw were later on the show, making her 30 or more, so the time frame would be closer to 10 years or half of what she's saying in this interview. I think we've had enough politicians on every level that blur the difference with numbers. It's time to have some politicians that stand up and own their lives and learn to count. Someone that has virtually made her fame by claiming religious activism needs to be forthight with the truth, with time and of sharing their own deliverance testimony, not running to make decisions for others.
And all things are of G~D, who hath reconciled us to himself by Y'hshuah Messiah, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; New Testament
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