Monday, September 13, 2010

The Show Must Go On

As the mid-term election campaigns ramp up and gain momentum, there are other things going on that just might be of interest. Yesterday, that's right, Sunday, a decision was made supposedly in regard to a safety net for a "world economy." Something about more power to the world bank. I heard this as the alarm was coming on this morning and only once, then mention of it on some financial show, and then I searched the online news sites and came up with zilch. So, are TPTB meeting on Sunday and making decision toward world domination? I would guess, yes. I've mentioned how different this blogging is now that the administrations have changed and I read an article that stated a 17 year old sent an inappropriate e-mail to the White House, not threatening, just inappropriate. The results. He's been invited to leave the country and forbidden to ever visit again. I mean really. The kid used a word that was certainly less than fit for polite society, but to be kicked out of this country for something so outlandishly minor, I find to be just one more reflection of the administration's seriousness to control it all! I'm not sure what's next on the world stage for those that are presently making all these decisions, but I do so wish we actually had a choice to make at election time and could institute our own term limits. I don't yet know what the deal is with our money, on a world wide basis to be controlled, but then we don't yet know what's coming down the pike in regard to the "fullness" of our health care bill, either. Between the world bank, the world health organization, and G8 or G20 or whatever, I'm thinking the next decade is going to redefine the word CHANGE.
It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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