Friday, September 03, 2010

Revelation Knowledge

Remember back in time when an American could disagree or even make fun of our president without being considered, racist, intolerant, or closed minded. As a matter of fact, it used to be considered open minded to challenge the "establishment!" Well that was a different America, and with that, I'm finding my blogging to be a bit more difficult. I don't like what's going on now, any more than I did in 2003 or 2006, but G.W. was a better sport about life or his supporters appreciated being persecuted or something. Something has changed and this wasn't the change I thought was promised. The transparency has turned into "in your face." The concept of listening to the people was apparently discontinued after Nov. 2008. It's just not the same to even try to challenge a good discussion, it's so partisanly divided. At least there used to be a few of us independents in the middle, but now the so called independents are clear out on the fringes of the wings and I just can't get that wingy about our politics. I think there are basically four groups of Americans, well, maybe five, but since Torah says there are four kinds of people and G~D calls HIS people sheep, I guess we have four kinds of sheep. There are the dedicated partisan sheep which make up two flocks and they pretty much always flock along party lines. These two flocks are basically defined and divided by their money. There are the hard working, but not usually highest earning group that tends to vote democratic. Then there are the higher earning, usually less community minded flock that tends to vote republican. These two groups usually flock amongst their own kind. Then there is the 3rd type of sheep which tends to be so extreme in their views that they sound exclusive and uninviting to those of us that aren't bright enough to see things the way they tell us it is, and although they do not want their rights tampered with by "the other" side, they are willing to give up rights to take them away from others! Interestingly they can get along for their purpose. Then there are the small flock that really think the solution is beyond politics and basically beyond the aspirations of humanity, and not looking for a leader or a savior for their group. There's our four kinds of sheep, but I almost considered referring to five, but that wouldn't have aligned with Scripture. Now I know why . . . the so called leaders themselves of any of these groups are not sheep, but rather wolves in sheep's clothing.
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Words of Messiah - New Testament
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