Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Regard to Burning Holy Books

I have to be honest. When I first read about the preacher in Florida, I figured, "another Fred Phelps," but I've since rethought my first impression. I do believe Dr. Jones has lost what should be a true focus of ministry. He, like so many in this country are all about what they are against. I also have been burdened under the cares of the world and know it's easy to begin focusing on the evil, but Messiah said to proclaim the good news. He didn't tell anyone to preach against the bad news, although repentance was always recommended. Those that claim to follow him, must sound a warning if given that task, but to oppress an oppressor or declare war on warmongers, is not in the job description of those that adhere to the teachings of Messiah Y'hshuah, a.k.a. the Son of G~D. Oh, I do think Dr. Jones needs to get back to the good news rather than proclaiming the evil of bad news, but I'm not his judge. What I did learn from the attention that went his way was this. Anyone that is outside mainstream American Christianity pretty much gets labelled a nut or a cult by mainstream America, Christianity included. I also noticed the bill by the Police Department and the cancellation of his insurance, to me, borders on persecution. I have no idea where he stands on eternal issues, but I do know he ruffled the wrong political feathers and they will make sure he pays. Thank G~D, it didn't turn into the FLDS situation a couple of years ago or Waco or Ruby Ridge. Right or wrong, these people do stand up for their beliefs which is why I think mainstream and certainly the government gets so aggressive. Now, I did do a bit more research and I happened on to something pretty unnerving. While our politicians are "preaching" against burning a holy book, and our nation's "tolerant" are lambasting the idea of book burning, the US Military burned Bibles in Afghanistan, because young soldier's church sent them to him in the native language to pass out. Seems our military has rules of engagement that are basically as follows. In war, we can kill 'em, but we can't share the good news. I don't know why the military refused to send them back with explanation or why they didn't think the young soldier would refrain from handing them out, when told not to. I mean doesn't a soldier "just follow orders?" At any rate, it would appear that our government finds it acceptable to burn some holy books under some circumstances. I, personally, believe this is why the war ramped up in Afghanistan last year and now appears to be impossible to win or withdraw.
Hast not thou made an hedge about him . . . Job of Holy Scripture
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