Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"A" for Effort

I remember in school when we were taught there was no "A" for Effort, because in the work force there is no "A" for Effort so we needed to learn what was needed for the real world. Well, now that we have technology, that has changed. All someone has to do is tweet about doing something on the internet, and it influences events, supposedly around the world. Right or wrong, the effort can get maximum returns without actually doing whatever . . . Another "A" for Effort involves cell phones. I actually know people that are so popular, their voice mail gets full, or so techno challenged, they don't know how to delete their messages. And we all know people that don't return calls. I think the one truly great thing about a cell phone is the call record. You know, the list of calls: missed, received, and dialed. I love it. Now, I can call someone and if they don't answer, no problem, they know I called. If they don't call me back, no problem, we both know they know I called. When I had a land line, I never bothered with caller ID, but everyone I knew had it, but without truly understanding it, I wasn't sure . . . but now that cell phones do everything but pop your pop corn, I can simply call someone, not worry about a message, and if I hear back or not, I know they know I called. I call that an "A" for Effort!
Shall vain words have an end? . . . Job of Holy Scripture
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