Monday, August 23, 2010

Let Them Have it Their Way

Racial issues in nursing homes. Nurses determining who can decide for themselves and who deserves to have their choices made for them . . . And now to read that certain people can actually have it in their records that they do not want care provided by those of a specific ethnicity. The article I read was about a white woman that didn't want care from any black care givers. Is that not crazy or what? So, if she falls and a person of color walks by, I'm sure that's unacceptable, yet if they attempt to help her, then what . . . Do they have to listen to her racial epithets while they put their own health at risk trying to help her? I guess it's good to know how someone feels, but do they really have the right to impose their views on others? I, personally, wouldn't want to be cared for by anyone in the health care profession, and since I have that prejudice, it would be best if I not go and expect care, right! Now, I didn't delve further to see if the preferences were allowed to self-providers, as opposed to those receiving financial aid, but I still find the premise, offensive. These old people have already had how many years, their way, with their attitudes, and their money? I say, if you don't want the care that's offered, go home and have your family cater to you. See how long that lasts.
. . . for man looketh on the outward appearance, but YHVH looketh on the heart.
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