Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Congress is Losing More Ground than the President

Congress has lost ground dramatically. I mean, they were just elected in November of '06. The party leadership has been changed less than one year and already they have gone from 50 + percent down to 20 - 25%. I use the figure 50 + simply in reference to the results of the election, but the current polls are clear. Nearly everyone thinks Congress is doing a very poor job, and they are. Congress hasn't done anything they promised to do, and the momentum of damage is overwhelming, already. Their political aspirations are merely fodder for the pundits. Why is Congress going down more rapidly than President Bush ever thought of? Because, very early on in Bush's administration, we were informed there would be war and rumors of war. He's lived up to the expectations we were led to believe. Now, I don't agree with most of his choices, but at least he's consistent with his promise. Congress, on the other hand is simply full of promises and bluster and then not only caves, but adds a ton of expensive overbearing earmarks that only serve to devastate what is left of our pathetic economy. Every time the President has asked for more, they have blustered and fussed and said something about "no blank checks" and "no rubber stamp." Then, what does Congress do? They add a ton of extra expenses onto the outrageous demand for warring and then send it for White House approval. That is another area that President Bush has not been wishy-washy. Although, he's a republican, there's nothing fiscally conservative about him, and he never presented himself as such. You can look at him and see that he'd "buy a round for the house," then ask his friend to loan him the money after everybody ordered, 'cause he didn't have any small bills. So, when Congress adds on these billions of dollars of expenses, he's not going back on his word when he signs. Congress loses both ways, in more war funding and irresponsible spending. This last mid-term election was America's last hope for any semblance of logic in Washington, and possibly the democrat's last hope of being taken seriously. This last mid-term election result has been a great disappointment. And that's why the polls show a lower approval rating for Congress than for the President. We quit expecting anything good out of him, ages ago. Congress, however; made campaign promises to the American people that aren't being kept. The biggest one, being, accountability in Washington. Congress wasn't supposed to get elected, then gripe about the President's decisions, then go along and fund them all. They could have stayed home like the rest of us and done that! That's why they have plummeted in the polls. They were elected to rein him in, not reign with him.
but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation. - James, brother of Messiah
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