Friday, August 07, 2015

Health Care Will Be the Death of Us

As I've been keeping my ear to the ground about Operation Jade Helm 15 and now Jade II Artificial Intelligence, while trying to keep up with the various attacks in states not involved in the "exercise;" a recurring thought continues to invade my awareness.  The health of Americans is declining and deteriorating, while dependency on pharmaceuticals continues to increase.  I was privy to some inside information back in the 90s as I saw a stark comparison to nursing "scrubs" and Nazi brown shirts.  There was a big scandal in the mid 90s with some of the nursing staff of one of the state's large "mental health" facility, in that town.  There was an underlying "excuse" and reason given for what had happened as "that's what the DON does."  The DON is the director of nursing, and life did change around that place after the shake up, but what stood out was the fact these nurses were all willing to "just follow orders" that they knew were not really on the charts.  Being fairly new in my covenant walk and not yet understanding, the gift of discernment, I tried to shake off that "knowing" that these nurses were basically saying the same thing the Nazi war criminals had said.

Through that same time I'd become friends with a doctor who was really wanting to expand into naturopathic treatments.  He said there was just too much high pressure sales pitching with pharmaceuticals, and not enough testing.  So, while he and I were spending a significant amount of time together discussing alternative modalities, I would hear the nurses in the office make statements that caused me to shudder.  They would tell patients, they just needed to follow the doctor's orders, which is fine, but it was the strange tone that I just couldn't shake off.  The nurses would also make statements that they "had to report such and such" or had no say in the situation, but were just conveying the information.  There was a disconnect of responsibility and compassion for the patient, that I continued to hear from various ones.  Not all of them, and I think that's what made it stand out all the more.  The ones who would answer questions or go back to get the doctor were truly in the minority.

I made the mistake of trusting the wrong people in 2001, and thankfully lived to tell about it, but I saw the system move quickly and actually stated their power to determine if I was able to care for myself and remain in my home alone with MS.  My friend that was a nurse was no help whatsoever, as she stated due to her profession, she couldn't get involved.  That was a real turning point in our friendship, although the relationship continued, I never tried to rely upon her again.  I was given the opportunity to stand in the gap on her behalf regarding her health, and I'm so glad I did for her what I wanted done for myself.  As for family . . . well, let's just say I don't discuss my health with family, at all.  They call it being secretive.  I call it, survival.  I truly do believe my Heavenly Father has created everything we need for optimum health.  So, I pray and use natural modalities.  I'm 57 and I don't feel fabulous every day, but most days I feel pretty stinkin' good and I don't suffer any side effects.  I can tell when rain is coming, but now with my Essentials and Extracts, once I realize the weather forecast, I can alleviate the pain.

I get a bit skeptical at the nurses who worked in abortion clinics for years, yet since the Gosnell trial have come out against Planned Parenthood and are telling gruesome account, upon gruesome account.  Why did it take a guilty verdict for them to see it was murder?  As I've watched parts of these recent videos, I see the emptiness in the eyes of these individuals who represent planned parenthood.  I've wondered if it's a void where a soul should be?  That's not to say, everyone in the health care field is evil.  What I am saying is our education system has programmed them, our society has respected it, and our government grants them the license to practice on society, what they have learned through the education system.  The good ones are getting out.

In my years behind the scenes as a visiting minister and as an alternative health practitioner, I have come to realize although some do get into nursing because of their compassion and desire to help people, the bottom line is, they work for the state who has issued their license.  Nursing is not what it was in Scripture or even 100 years ago.  Most of the actual hands on caregivers are those who are paraprofessionals, been vocationally trained or even received OJT.  For years now, it's been painfully obvious, the licensed professionals make the life and death decisions and process paperwork.  As health care becomes more powerful in our society, the laws of mandated health care will be a part of the judicial system.  Those who enter or remain in the health care field will be making the choice to, "just follow orders."

He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity . . . the Revelation
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