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The Powers of the One World Order

When this bill board loomed into view, I had to take a photo.  Although the corporate books are very carefully separated, Arvest Bank and WalMart have the same basic beginnings and the Walton heirs continue to run both enterprises.  This little jolt of reality, after taking several photos of military convoys, motivated me to consider just how truly powerful The Walton empire is.  While the more recent Rockefeller generation seems content to be relaxing on the grandeur of Grandpa's empire, the Walton heirs continue to build and expand their empire.

It has been reported by many sources including Forbes that Arvest Bank is owned and controlled by the Walton family of Walmart fame, although Arvest is operated separately from the famous retail chain. Sam Walton's son Jim runs the company. In 2003, Jim, his brother and his mother owned a combined stake of 96.14% of the company.
Since its early days set in the backdrop of 1965 small-town America, Arvest Bank has evolved from a group of small banks to a big bank. The bank has experienced significant growth both in its size and depth of products since its early days. Arvest claims to have kept its community foundation while offering customers the convenience and technological advantages of a larger corporation, keeping stability, sound financial practices and customer service at the heart of its mission.[1]
The Arvest story began in 1961 with Sam & Helen WALTON's [2] purchase of The Bank of Bentonville in Bentonville, Arkansas, which was followed in 1963 with the acquisition of a small bank, the Bank of Pea Ridge, in the nearby town of Pea Ridge, Ark. In 1975, First National Bank & Trust of Rogers was purchased in the neighboring town of Rogers, Ark., and for almost a decade afterwards, these banks, each of them run independently and managed locally, were the entire banking network now known as Arvest.

With the price of farmland, and fewer farms inherited, I knew many big ag operators carry a hefty mortgage on their land, but only recently did I learn that many have also financed their seed and or herds.  With Arvest Bank making agri loans, the possibility does exist that Walmart could be the primary, if not exclusive source for groceries, but the same family could own the mortgage on the farms producing the groceries.

Several years ago, YHWH spoke to me, a list of the 10 powers that would come together to form the One World Order, or New World Order.  The list was given in late 2001, after 9/11 and not long after the High Holy Days.  A distinct stipulation came with the list, however; which was to be kept until a time to be revealed.  Nearly five years later, I was told it was time to share that list.  I've said before, I thought I'd just make copies of the list for distribution, but rather; I was led to create a web page as well as write a book about the list of those ten powers.  The web page was simple and direct.  The book, not so much.  I was amazed at the detail Abba led me to connect and share.  At the time of writing "While He May Be Found" there were still many gaps between the powers, but those gaps are closing in, as the chasm between the remnant and the world widens.

Since receiving this list that correlates with Daniel and the book of the Revelation, I began to keep a closer eye on business, rather than politics and governments as the foundation for the One World Order.  The words of Bush 41 seem forever seared into my memory as he informed us of the New World Order from an economic standpoint.  I wasn't walking in Covenant at that time, but I knew enough for it to register!  Not to mention, "the love of money is the root of all evil."  Politicians are really just salesmen that love the power of popularity, and all 501c3 religious organizations already answer to the government, but there are some very, very ruthless business people who truly use their money for full power, and can buy and sell politicians every day through the lobby.   Donald Trump may disprove my previous statement, in that he works for no one, answers to no one and has recently, officially entered the political arena.

For a number of years now, I, along with others, have had an eye on Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, and David Rockefeller, but with Sam Walton dead and gone, I hadn't really considered keeping an eye on the Corporation he founded . . . until recently.  I'm not saying these people or business are the anti-Christ, but we do know the people listed are very wealthy; quite powerful and influential through their wealth, as well as disregarding of Scripture.  WalMart, on the other hand is practically a place of "providential provision"  far beyond just the US.  Walmart is so powerful, Bill Gates or his foundation, actually owns Walmart Stock.

WalMart got on my bad side with the RFID chips back in 2004, and I stopped patronizing, but it really wasn't on my "radar" until the recent sudden closings.  When the Joplin Globe did an article on the restrictions the county assessor was under when entering the big data center in Jane, I realized WalMart has some serious clout, but still hadn't fathomed what I've seen in the past few months.  I have an eye roll moment every time I hear people talk about hating WalMart and not going to WalMart, UNLESS they absolutely have to . . . Over a decade later without WalMart, I'm still alive to tell it.

WalMart truly has a great deal more power than just Supercenters around the world that are open 24/7.  When WalMart comes into a town, the established businesses begin to crumble, and even knowing this, the local government will grant WalMart a great deal of tax break incentives, to the point of reroute existing roads or building new ones. . .  WalMart is the world's largest company by revenue, as well as the world's largest private employer.    As I check off the ten items that we really do rely upon as a society, clearly WalMart takes the lead in COMMERCE.  I can't fully blame WalMart greed in the love of money as the customers have chosen a few pennies saved over the good service offered by independent business owners who are personally invested in the local economy.  The "love of money" can manifest on both ends of the financial spectrum.

When a prescription is filled at WalMart or glasses purchased with an eye exam, that data, of course is maintained for insurance records and now even medical data, but also goes into the private data base in Jane, Missouri.  WalMart and Sam's Club were also poised and ready when Bush 43 introduced Medicare Plan D, with $4.00 generic prescriptions.  Now having added instore Care Clinics at some locations, WalMart is clearly a big player in Health Care.

Although the founder, Sam Walton, did not make donations to philanthropic organizations, since his death, charitable donations from the company now approach 1 billion, annually, which also include tributes and monuments unto the Walton family.  This is a curious matter when compared to the cost to taxpayers according to Forbes, in the subsidizing of WalMart employees for basic living expenses.  An odd economic balance or imbalance exists between the need for employees to receive government subsidies and the fact WalMart offers the greatest savings for their employees to utilize those subsidies right there.  Although we'd never actually say it aloud, when one's earnings limits one's purchasing to that same establishment, that seems dangerously close to bondage or slavery.  WalMart is the largest business for revenue in the world, yet also receives government subsidies indirectly through employed customers, as well as employing the disabled.  There appears to be a direct line between WalMart as a private employer and our government.

 WalMart struck some sort of agreement with DHS through the holiday season in 2010.  A sort of snitch on your fellow shopper plan.   Whether this ultimately involves military with local law enforcement, remains to be seen, but with DHS involved, it clearly goes beyond local law enforcement.  The recent closings in coincidence with Operation Jade Helm 15 did raise a few questions and eyebrows.  There is a definite connection openly established between WalMart and a very powerful, recently created arm of the US Government, in less than ten years of it's establishment.

Communication was another power in the list of ten.  In hearing about and researching a recent kerfuffle about President Obama being invested in a massive cell phone venture inspired a bit of research, I stumbled onto this.  Straight Talk is only available at this time through Walmart, according to a Wikipedia article on TracFone.
>>>Straight Talk is another operator, through a partnership between TracFone and Walmart, offering several different rate plans; a $30 limited plan, $45 30-day unlimited plan and a $60 unlimited international calling plan. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple months of the unlimited plan.
. . . Straight Talk is currently exclusive to Walmart stores because of a joint-venture program between the two companies.
Straight Talk offers a variety of prepaid, no contract, phones on their website for use with their plans. Straight Talk also allows customers to bring AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or unlocked GSM phones to Straight Talk by buying a SIM card or activation kit and air time from the company.  
This exclusive joint venture offers a vast coverage, bringing together; the technology of many companies.

I wondered where Walmart might fit into the power of religion.  The stores all carry the books by Rick Warren.  Rick has an interesting style and presentation that sounds really good and there are many, many vague references to Scripture, but . . . his charismatic charm offers a deceptive blend of religious philosophy, while definitely downplaying the prosperity teaching of so many mega-church "pastors."  What I found interesting about the books WalMart carries by this famous man is "The Purpose Driven Life" is second only to the Bible in most translated.  Here is the quote from an article posted in Forbes.   "The same spiritual leader who has written the second most translated book in the world (second only to the Holy Bible) and one that’s been on the New York Timesbest-seller for nearly four straight years."  Not to cast dispersion on Walmart or Rick Warren for being business savvy, but there is a strange culturally hailed dependence by the mainstream public for cheap prices and "feel good religion."

Whether it's back to school clothes, shoes, and supplies or a homeschool curriculum, Walmart is the "go to" place.  There is even mention of homeschool grants.  Since this is the paragraph to address those who are trending away from mainstream, Walmart has now added a new section, "Emergency Preparedness Center."  With facial recognition data and RFID chips in random packaging, I'd hazard a guess that finding the WalMart dependent preppers should be relatively simple.

Although I didn't stop patronizing at the time, I do remember an eerie feeling, watching people just sign their checks and "let Walmart fill them out . . ."   It was of course, only a convenience, but one I never opted to utilize.  The last time I was there, it seemed most of the transactions were handled with plastic, either debit, credit, or EBT.  The retailer with the greatest revenue, employees, and shoppers will obviously be a major player as our society continues to move toward "cashless." 

I am in no way suggesting that Walmart has ulterior nefarious intent, although the data storage is quite "Big Brothery."  I believe it's simply a matter of money and the more Walmart offers at "better prices" the greater the chance of having the lion's share of the market in most consumer venues, therefore the greater the revenue.   Some may see that Sam Walton achieved the American dream, and perhaps he did, but this empire has certainly kept that dream well contained to just a very few Americans.   

For the love of money is the root of all evil . . .

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