Sunday, April 05, 2015

Truth in Wit? Media Manipulation

It's difficult to be a journalist while also being negative about the media.  The line between conspiracy theories and truth seems to be intentionally blurred.  Discernment is often called paranoia.  The past few years, I've noticed April 1st seems to be the day to unveil some truth with an advisory that says "just kidding . . ."  A few years ago following the Boston Marathon bombing there was an article about seventy some armed individuals fighting for their 4th amendment rights.  In reading the entire article, it was revealed this took place in the 1700s.  Today's America, obviously, would not literally fight to uphold the Bill of Rights, but it wasn't long following the "lock down" of Boston that the fourth amendment was obviously no longer even on life support.

As I've matured in my responsibility to publish the truth, I usually don't share anything on April 1st, but I just couldn't overlook this year's article from Mercola.  The article addressed "mandatory vaccines" with a disclaimer at the end of the article.  The link above provides the full article.  Here is the disclaimer with my personal observation as to how this disclaimer is quite misleading:

This piece is our annual April Fool's article. Some of the details herein are true, however, and the article could be suggestive of what we might face in the near future, should we fail to take corrective action to protect and preserve vaccine exemptions, informed consent, and medical freedom of choice.

"Some of the details herein are true" so the article is not completely bogus as the first sentence would lead us to believe.  Am I paranoid?  Am I promoting a conspiracy theory?  It's not paranoia or a theory if it's really taking place!  The truth of the matter is, there are already places in which vaccinations are mandatory, such as health care professionals.  I remember back in the 90s, when I did some traveling in ministry, the intense pressure I received to be vaccinated and re-vaccinated for some things.  It's only become more intense and will continue to do so.

In my humble opinion, the questionable part of the article had to do with the phone apps for non-vaxxers, as tracking those who are compliant with health care protocol will be more likely to be the case.  Tractable and trackable will go hand in hand.  We do know some health facilities require flu shots for their employees, and some schools are cracking down on those who opt out of vaccinations for philosophical reasons.  I heard on radio news that some pediatricians will refuse patients whose parents do not agree to their immunization schedule.  So, whether we say it or not; mandatory vaccinations are already going into place.

In further contemplation, I did share the link in social media.  There are many who are aware that pressure is increasing for mandatory vaccination regulation.  Vaccines will be a campaign issue in the next presidential election, if mandatory legislation is not already in place.  Between the media, herd mentality, faith in modern medicine, Affordable Healthcare Act, and Big Pharma, our medical freedom of choice is very much on the line.  There's no single day in April that can deny that fact!  Just the fact that the article has been posted and qualifies that some details are true, clearly conveys anti-vaxxers are and will continue to be in the social crosshairs of this country's aim.   The truth expressed with some fictitious wrapping on April 1st doesn't negate the truth or the direction we are headings.

I'm going to use an example of media humor to prepare "the way" the society will be led.  Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am not suggesting vaccinations and being gay have anything in common, except media hype.  I am pointing out that the media not only uses fear, but also humor to manipulate the herd mentality.  Remember Ellen Degeneres' sitcom in the mid to late 90s?  Comedy or wit is frequently used to test the waters of an issue.  When she came out on the show, the ratings of that individual show was high, but by 1998, the show was cancelled.   I hadn't realized, however; "Will and Grace" made it's debut one season later . . .  and enjoyed great success.  Ellen went on to have her talk show and gay rights now trump individual freedoms in weekly headlines.  The gay agenda was introduced as comedy.  The media is playing heavily on the herd mentality regarding a number of social issues.  Social issues have a way of becoming legislative agendas.  Legislative agendas become a means of control.

 Keep me from the snares which they have laid for me . . . a Psalm of Holy Scripture

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