Monday, April 13, 2015

Is the News Being Fabricated?

What if more of the news than what Brian Williams reported, is fabricated?  I'm not making unwarranted claims, but rather asking questions.  What if we've all just come to accept we really don't believe what's reported, yet we go on about life like we know what's going on?  If we can't believe what's reported, we may be clueless as to what is really going on!

The "Sandy Hook massacre" caused me to question, not only that incident, but going back a few years to 9/11.  I'm not sure who was the mastermind of 9/11, but I do know much evidence was destroyed immediately.  The wing of the Pentagon that was supposedly hit, was already in semi-deconstruction for a remodeling project at that time.  If there is any validity, whatsoever; to the reported Passports, there were none reported to have been from Iraq or Afghanistan, the two countries we invaded.  Very few of us actually believe Osama bin Laden was killed and buried at sea on May 2, 2011.  Now back to Sandy Hook.

I stumbled into some very murky circumstances in my attempt to give each "victim" proper recognition.  It seemed all the headlines gave the shooter's name, but the victims were merely a numbered group.  So, I set out to change that.  I systematically posted each obit individually in my blog, and I watched the interviews of the parents.  Robbie Parker was the first red flag of the deal!  Then there were the other parents who were so very poised.  The obits seemed to indicate none of the victims were originally from that community and of course all the caskets were closed.  Being an old funeral director, I found it impossible to believe that none of the bodies were viewable.  In my research, I also stumbled upon a FEMA drill scheduled in the area, that day that pertained to a crisis involving children.

Then the Boston Marathon bombing took place, and the recent verdict, came as no surprise whatsoever.  Yet his Islamic mother was not proud of her son for killing infidels, as these mothers are usually portrayed in the media.  The entire scenario was odd, in that Boston willingly went under lockdown and martial law, not to mention some questions about the identity of some of the reported victims.  I'm not saying there were no victims, but a strange feeling that crises were being created to further an agenda.

Then we've had police and racial issues with the latest one really bringing about a strange cry of the people.  Ferguson, MO was a hotbed of protests and violence last summer, with the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by officer Wilson.  There are some bad cops, but there are still some good ones, and the bad ones are endangering the good ones, but that's a rant for another day as well.  Officer Darren Wilson was doing his job and Michael Brown was no angel.  This latest situation, however; just seems strange.  It was a few days before I could bring myself to watching the video in which Walter Scott was shot in the back, by a police officer.  Two things immediately stood out.  One, eight shots and the gun wasn't smoking.  Two, a bright green t-shirt had no blood on it.  There were other things that made me wonder, like this paragraph in a cnn report linked below . . .
On Friday night, Scott's open casket was draped with an American flag, and he was in a dark suit for his private visitation in Charleston. A Dallas Cowboys banner -- his favorite NFL team -- was placed outside the casket, and a figurine of a Cowboys player stood at his side.
Will the people cry for more captivity and surveillance?  I think so, and I think that's the point of a great deal of these news items.  When I hear a news report, or see something posted to my news feed, I immediately check to see if it can be verified.  Elementary schools are now locked institutions.  The Bill of Rights is being systematically removed from our society, for our "protection!"  We don't know if a news story is accurate, or even true for that matter, before gun control and surveillance cameras come into the discussion . . .

The plan to monitor our every move will not come against the will of the people, but by invitation "for our own protection!"
Lying lips are abomination to YHWH: but they that deal truly are his delight.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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