Sunday, December 07, 2014

What's Behind the Headlines?

As racial tension escalates, the flames of religious difference are becoming explosive, and the mentality of "them and us" is fed by the mainstream media, I find myself wondering what's really happening.  I am leaning toward watching the health situations that are barely receiving coverage.  Remember ebola?  Now the CDC has announced that this year's flu shot isn't going to be effective, but . . . there are prescriptions.   I'm also keeping an eye on the economy.  One party says it's really improved, while they fight for more and more benefits for the working poor.  The other party says it's not improved, so we need to make more cuts in programs that are already not helping enough people.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . What happened to Clive Bundy?    Harry Reid said it wasn't over, and although he's no longer the loudest, most powerful voice in the Senate, none of us really expect much change.   The circumstances in the Middle East continue to escalate, while Protestants seem to be heading to the Vatican.  I've watched many folks change position regarding the religious wars.  For this reporter, the bottom line is simple.  There are bad people involved in every religion.  I stand in agreement with Israel, even though I do not agree with the Chabad or Zionists.  I do not and cannot support the tenets of faith when it comes to Islam, nor do I embrace the teachings of the Vatican.

Shutting down the independents seems to be a major goal, here in America.  This goal seems to target a variety of independents from a variety of directions, be it ranchers, a bridal shop owner who had a thoughtless client, Christian bakers, organic farmers, and hobby farmers, to name only a few.  As I watched the reactions to grand jury decisions regarding racially charged headlines, I can't help but notice the businesses that were destroyed in the rioting didn't have a thing to do with the issue, and some of them were owned by individuals of color.  What did that accomplish?  Other than to further divide and cause independent business owners to lose business.  What mom and pop businesses, Wal-Mart hasn't shuttered, the choreographed problems, and programmed agenda will.  Without a doubt, illegal immigrants replacing citizens in the military will make Martial Law a much greater arm of power.  US Citizens would have greater difficulty firing on their fellow citizens, or taking them captive; whereas foreigners probably won't give it a second thought.

At last count, there were 1400 US citizens being monitored for ebola symptoms.  The sunshine state as well as Arizona have changed "their" mind about solar power and it's rumored some folks who have invested, could actually be fined.  Some states are already fining and worse, those who dare catch rainwater.   Obviously, the loss of independence is a major goal in bringing the NWO.  The filtering information is now also a glaring fact.  We simply cannot forget that freedom is not granted by the government, but rather is a gift from our Creator.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.  New Testament    
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