Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Point Has Been Long Lost

For some time now, we've seen our local police go from "protect and serve" to "enforce and subdue" in many situations that have raised ire and question.  We've watched a number of high ranking military officials be "retired" early, and we have an administration that simply does what it wants, without question.  Doctors and social services have taken a number of parental rights, as has the public school system.   In all of the power grabbing of the past 50 years, yes 50, not just the last six or the previous 8, depending upon which side of the aisle you lean . . . We have allowed ourselves to be divided politically, religiously, racially, while not realizing "we" are all in the same boat.  We have been groomed to have a "Them and Us" mentality on nearly every level and sadly; to either fear or hate "them."

This truly is on every level in our country.  It used to only be politically obvious through the campaign season, but now the name calling and the "hating on" is relentless and is the ongoing focus of headlines, talk radio, and social media.  American politics tends to be divided by religious differences which are only fueled by every headline.

I find the latest racial division to be quite alarming on many levels.  The reality is, we did have a division between police and public long before Ferguson and it's been lost in the race baiting.  I still remember back in 2000, the chief of police explaining to me about the "blue line."  He was explaining to me how a chaplain serving without pay, would have to earn the trust of the force, blah, blah, blah . . .That's not saying every cop is bad, but if a middle aged lady preacher was suspect, obviously; most every cop sees the citizens as "them."  This was before 9/11.

Right and wrong are continuously being redefined by society.  Headlines are often misleading, only serving to stir the pot, which seems to be just below the boiling point, at a constant 210°.  We've lost the calm in our society and seem to simply exist between violence and crises.  The citizens, in general, are being systematically divided!  Racial and religious profiling is coming and sadly the line in the sand between the citizens will be drawn between friends and family.

I ran for a county office in 2000.  As it turns out, I was not well connected enough to win the election and the one who did win, later resigned in the shame of embezzlement . . . yet my own mother said she would not have voted for me, as I was not in "her party."  President Obama is certainly not helping the political, religious, or racial division, and he even seems to be intensifying it, but he didn't start it.  The path(s) toward division have been being entrenched in our society for years.  We are on the brink of social collapse and a political party is not the answer, a ruthless religion is not the solution, and division based upon the color of skin is an outrage!

We must stop looking at each other to affix blame and realize, we are being divided to be conquered . . .
The maxim divide et impera was attributed to Philip II of Macedon, and together with the maxim divide ut regnes were utilised by the Roman ruler Caesar and the French emperor Napoleon.

 It's going to get worse before it gets better.  When it comes down to it, skin color makes no difference, and our politics won't save us.  There is only one solution and is NOT the alternative solution to division!

Come now, let us reason together, says YHWH . . . Prophet of Holy Scripture

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