Sunday, December 21, 2014

For a Cause

Have you noticed how many "causes" there are and the various recommendations of activities or "badges" to display our support of these causes?

The variety of ways to demonstrate support certainly run the gambit from sending money to throwing buckets of ice water, to wearing ribbons to marches, to going braless or growing a beard.  The last two are obviously gender exclusive, well somewhat . . .  Even in all the variety, however; the way to show support is modeled in uniformity, depending upon the cause.  It seems most every cause will accept monetary donations and volunteers, so that's a consistency amongst causes, but then the changes come.

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The ALS challenge involved being doused in ice water.  Fortunately that was through a warmer month.  I don't have the stats as to how much money was actually raised.  I certainly am clueless as to how much actually went to research or to assist those suffering from the disease, after administrative costs.

No Shave November is a fairly recent "cause," founded in 2009.  It's an online not for profit to raise cancer awareness and of course, funds.  In the beginning, the goal was to help cancer patients and their families in their struggle of treatments, etc.  In 2013 this organization partnered with The American Cancer Society, so the funds that are now raised are allocated according to the larger organization . . .  There is an underlying message in cancer treatment, however; against natural treatment.  If a person submits to surgery and chemo, but still dies, and they do . . . they did all they could.  If a person utilizes only natural remedies, and they live, it's barely documented, if at all, and if they die, natural cures are to blame.  Then there are those who try to utilize a complimentary plan between natural and mainstream medicine.  In the case of death, natural remedies are blamed.

October was breast cancer awareness month, and the pink ribbons were everywhere.  There is one day that is designated to go braless for this cause.  I don't participate in that, as it seems to sexualize a very serious problem, as well as centering around conventional treatment, which is no cure.  Cancer is a huge problem in this country, and I don't believe it has much to do with the various parts of anatomy that are attacked.  Fund raising for research, in my opinion, needs to be directed differently.  In all the years of The American Cancer Society fundraising and research still revolves around mainstream medicine and big pharma.  If as much time and energy were spent to actually address the underlying cause of this deadly disease and natural treatment options, I believe we'd see a cure.  Which brings me to the next cause.

The March Against Monsanto could be one of my "pet causes" if the official marches did not take place on Shabbat.  Monsanto isn't going away, anytime soon.  Between the Lobby and the Supreme Court, this business is well covered.  As genetic engineering continues to gain ground, the destruction of creation has become a runaway train.  We certainly don't read about any big operators being raided, just the organic homesteaders.  There is one basic component missing in the March Against Monsanto, however; in this cause.  Marching against Monsanto doesn't put good food on the table.  Returning to our "roots" as an agrarian society is what it's really going to take to defeat Monsanto and other companies like it.  As long as our dependency for food continues, the companies holding the control of the seeds will continue to grow.

There are different color ribbons for every cause, it seems.  To be honest, the ribbons bring to my mind; the colored stars and triangles of the pre-holocaust days of Nazi Germany.

The various ribbons are a way to identify those who for now, are choosing to be identified.  It seems the day is coming, when the choice will be removed and the identification, assigned.  Since being gay is now a point of pride and the religious seem to be arguing amongst themselves, I'm not sure who will be wearing the signs, ribbons and badges of shame, but I have a few ideas.  There are actually businesses to make "cause ribbons."

As causes continue to be spotlighted, I can't help but wonder which one will be the one that rallies the greatest support against the social nemesis.  Although we rally for various causes, AGAINST something, as the momentum against continues to gain ground, the social nemesis that will get the majority of this country walking in lockstep, will have to have a face.  There's too much money in cancer treatment for research to ever bring a cure.  There is too much power in controlling the food supply for Big Ag to go away quietly.  I can't help but notice in all these "ribbon causes" the rainbow ribbon is gaining notice and momentum.

Will this be a part of the bigger agenda to rally the majority?  In all these "causes" have we noticed?  Natural health advocates, homesteaders, and Christian businesses seem to be the faces of what is deemed unacceptable for our society.

 But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of YHWH thy Elohim, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:  Torah of Holy Scripture
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