Friday, March 07, 2014

Truth and Lies

Scripture tells us, knowing the truth sets us free, so conversely, accepting lies holds us in bondage . . .  Sometimes the very things we hope for and cling to, are nothing more than lies we tell ourselves, or the lies we "choose" to believe from others.  I'm not suggesting we're running around intending to lie to ourselves or others, but rather; our society has redefined so much, it's as if the foundation of our culture is held together by a mortar of dishonesty.  It has become socially unacceptable to speak truth or to reject lies.

We already know an honest candidate will not be elected to any high office in the land, and on the rare chance it does happen, it's a given, they will either not remain honest or leave politics.  Many of us also believe our news is filtered and reports are biased.  I believe it was Sarah Palin, or her press agent, who coined the phrase "lame-stream" media in reference to mainstream media.  While many have chosen to repeat that ad nauseum, the truth of the matter is, Sarah Palin resigned from her office to become a part of the media . . . the 'lame-stream' mainstream media.  That fact alone should cause some to scratch their heads, but instead, it's merely coined a phrase and further divided the political theatre.

When I read that bloggers may be "written out" of free speech or freedom of the press, I decided to plunge headlong into the profession of journalism.  I've joined the ranks of alternative news.  As more and more alternative news is becoming available, I've been a bit bewildered about something that continues to happen.  The mainstream news, although "lame and biased" is still considered "the final word" on information.  People have actually told me, they only have one news source, and appear to be quite sure, their source would publish or report anything deemed newsworthy.

My own mother, who is openly disgusted with any news sources beyond her own single source, asked me how I knew my information was accurate.  My own mother!  We continuously choose to believe what we want to hear.  We choose information sources that make us feel good about the views we hold and the opinions we foist upon others.  The majority of our society has stopped seeking truth, if we ever did, and have chosen to listen to the reports that reinforce our perspective.  Once we realize the information is filtered and biased, it's no longer truth, but mere opinion at best, and programming propaganda at worst.

As our foundation of false security continues to crumble, we need to realize, blame will not work like super glue!  Finding the truth, the whole truth is virtually impossible, but it should be getting easier to recognize the spin on the information we are being fed.  I'm proud to say, I'm not part of the mainstream media, but I don't choose to call it lame-stream.  Media is a power in our society, and as with any earthly power, power is best maintained by telling the people what they want to hear.  Whether we're bound to a particular source, a particular party, a particular religion, or a particular perspective; we need not be bound at all!

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  ~ words of Messiah

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