Sunday, July 07, 2013

Is Anarchy the New Rule of Law?

     This particular blog has been my soap box for some time now, and as the news gets stranger, I'm thankful more people are sharing information.  I try to present just facts in many articles in the Goshen Gazette, but this particular site is unabashedly anti-political and openly, my own perspective.  There are just too many questionable situations going on with the treatment of citizens, criminal investigation, and law enforcement practices.  This first example just literally boggled my mind, and it is close enough to home to be discussed and questioned.

     I was a Funeral Director before becoming a follower of Messiah and to be honest, I saw the seamier side of the human condition in that the company I worked for had a contract with the county.  The city was large, so sudden and traumatic deaths were sadly a regular occurrence. Never, however; did I see a suicide by decapitation, much less with extremities bound.

     These next examples of what appears to be random situations, are quite alarming, in that in at least two of these situations, law suits were reported to be settled with sizable sums awarded to the plaintiffs.  The problem with this, is the law suits are civil matters, so criminal charges are not usually filed.  This is making news in other countries, so while we're looking at Egypt's uproar, we seem oblivious to the condition of our country.

This case was particularly troubling in that the cover story was later disproved in court, and the family was awarded an amazing amount of money from the Police Department, but it of course won't bring the victim back to life, I couldn't find any report of criminal charges being filed, and the response of the Department to the cover story being proven a lie, was, no comment.

The next reports are three different incidents, and I found more, but this makes the point.  Obviously, everyone with authority doesn't abuse it due to their own issues or lack of integrity, but we don't know who does and who doesn't, by a badge.  I don't litter, I watch my speed, and due to my age, I don't worry about being strip searched if stopped, but my lack of worry is due to my age and faith in G-d, not my confidence in the discretionary decision making of someone with control issues.

You'll notice in the comments by the attorney in the last article, the reference to DPS.  That's Department of Public Safety . . . Don't we all feel safer, now?

 . . . when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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