Wednesday, January 09, 2013


The victims who lost their lives at the Sandy Hook Elementary School have all been laid to rest for a time now, but even the most stoic of families are facing the prospect of navigating through life under a very heavy spirit of grief now, and for some time to come. Most of these families have other young children who must also grieve and be comforted. I will begin posting the obituaries of the six women who lost their lives attempting to protect the children.
As our nation looks for solutions to this tragedy and others like it, I pray we realize humanity is no match for evil. Our political system can't even keep the legislators honest, much less craft laws against evil. Murder is already illegal and mental health labels already abound. The gunman in this case had no criminal record. Everyone who is bullied or a concern of that nature does not commit murder at school. Labeling the potential victims of bullying will only stop those kids from reporting problems and seeking help.
More gun control, although I personally see no reason for semi-automatic weapons, I can also see that more gun control will only control the guns in the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens. Responsible, law abiding citizens do not murder women and children. I don't know what's coming our way, but until we step back and take an honest look at how little we can actually change by the "wisdom of man" we are not going to make any progress.
More guns is not the answer and neither are fewer, but that's the new ploy to divide the nation further and distract us. Scripture says it is truth that sets us free. I'm struggling with a great deal of the information that has been reported about this incident and I simply do not believe we have the truth of the matter. I don't know what that truth is, but the reports do not align.
As for more mental health programs, we need to keep in mind, the shooter at Ft. Hood was the base psychiatrist, so who knows how reliable any of his assessments were, before he went on his rampage!
Evil is a spiritual matter, not a legal matter and not a psychological matter, it's a matter of the heart, a condition of the spirit. To get to the heart of the matter, we must stop ignoring the fact that humans have a spiritual component. When we ignore that fact, we react emotionally, rather than logically, and we don't even see the misinformation we are trying to process. We simply react!
I'm not suggesting the prayer in school argument at all. I've already experienced enough conflicting religious and non-religious information that I wouldn't want my kids trying to figure that out, either. My beliefs are Bible based and I don't expect everyone to accommodate my beliefs, but most belief systems do address the spiritual need to do right or atone for wrong actions. My issue is the fact that the 1962 Supreme Court ruling said, we will no longer consider a spiritual element for our kids, it's all ego, emotions, esteem, and intellect. That is what opened the door for school discipline issues and the need for school psychologists. Behavior is spiritual and we cannot ignore that regardless of belief systems, we all have a spirit. Training and programing only works in Pavlov's experiment and with rewards . . .
We've been led to believe for years that foreign dictatorships keep their populace from receiving information. We've been told their news is filtered and censored.
I have realized in all the conflicting reports of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there is a more dangerous way to handle information, than keeping it from the public. To report misinformation, conflicting stories, and official confusion actually keeps the public in a state of division, panic, fear, and even aggression.
Come now, and let us reason together, says YHWH: though your sins be as scarlet . . .
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