Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did You Know?

Murder is already against the law. Anyone with a felony on their record is prohibited from gun ownership. What didn't used to be part of the equation was having health care as the arm of governmental enforcement. All these potential concerns by doctors and therapists and the Center for Disease Control has now officially ushered in "The Thought Police." Wonder how long it will be before anyone who's had a prescription for mood altering drugs or anti-depressants will go on the "no gun list . . ." How about us bloggers talking about "thought police?" I'm sure there is some sort of label for that besides just ordinary paranoia. This isn't going to help people who need help or protect anyone. The ones who might have sought help, will now be very hesitant to say anything.
As we become more and more trackable and obviously many are already tractable, what's next? Now that there will be so much more "oversight" as to households and invasion of privacy, how many middle aged men will have to give up hunting when their wife gets a prescription for "nerves" through menopause? I realize that sounds far fetched now, but . . . We have people literally and aggressively arguing to have their rights taken, or someone's, but ultimately when one loses a right, we all do. Anyone who truly believes this is going to stop mass murderers or stop at this level of banning really needs to get a grip on reality.
I'm no more impressed with President Obama's use of children as props as I was with Sarah Palin's. I did find in interesting that there was a hearing about gun laws December 17 on Capitol Hill. As this blog did a separate obituary, daily, for each victim of Sandy Hook Elementary, I discovered by following the updates, I have more questions than answers. I find three things very disconcerting about this horror and that is all the misinformation that has been reported, yet another divisive issue for the American public at large, and a number of new regulations based upon misinformation. That is troubling to me.
This president is divisive and it does seem intentional. I don't think it's racial, and I really don't think it's his evolution on gay marriage. The biggest crush I ever had in my life was a black gay man, and I still do not support our President. We're being divided, and half of us are screaming to lose rights, while the other half will be labeled. Perhaps, if we stopped arguing with each other for just a few minutes we could see that fact.
We are becoming a very untrusting society, for very good reason. We need to really look at what is happening. I read that there was a man in the woods that morning and he was an off duty, but armed, SWAT team officer from another community. So, if we lay down our weapons, and the guys with the badges and guns run the other way at the time of a dangerous crisis, then what? I'm not for conceal and carry, I think if someone is going to be armed, I'd just as soon see them in a holster. But I'm not against responsible members of society being able to make their own choices about the Second Amendment and how much trust we should have in our government. I don't have to trust someone to honor the regulation, I just have to know what's expected. If I had to make a list of who I would trust in a crisis or even a well guarded secret, the list would be very, very short, and would not include any politicians.
For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them. O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end! Torah of Holy Scripture
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