Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Roe v. Wade

As we once again visit the moral dilemma of our culture, this anniversary is different. This is the fortieth year that abortion has been legal in our country. I've got a slightly different view than most of the divided religious-political stands, because I don't believe in doctors. I find it interesting that so many people of faith don't just take a real stand and boycott doctors, rather than politicians over this abortion issue. But that is for another day, today I want to talk about the real issue and the real alternative.
The women I know who are the most adamantly opposed to abortion, caught and or trapped their husbands with a baby on the way, a couple of generations ago, or were forced to go away and come back with no baby. This abortion argument really does seem to be based upon unresolved, personal issues for many.
I wanted to be a single mom. I'm not going into the reasons right now, but young and stupid are two of them. Considering the fact, I had the morals or lacked the morals to go ahead and fornicate, an abortion wouldn't have really been a moral dilemma, either, but I wanted a baby. That's where I was. I was a single teen-age mom back before the days of Bristol Palin. Those same people that didn't want anyone picking on her, have done a real about face since the 70's, I can assure you. In all this discussion about right and wrong, though, I'd like to address the real difference between right and righteous. Before there was "political correctness," there was "doing the right thing," and before that there was, "they're just good people," and years before that, there was conscience. I'm not talking about puritan legalism, I'm talking about believing in accountability, rather than public opinion. So how did we get to this horribly heated never ending debate that obviously isn't going away?
Now that we have had two full generations in which abortion was a legal availability, I'm sure we all know peers who have had them, as well as daughters or friends of daughters. I'd be willing to bet, the people who have had abortions, once they left the clinic, haven't received nearly the disrespect many single moms have received and still hear, even from the next generations. There has been such a disregard of the life and disprespect of others for so long, I don't think we as a nation can really wrap our mind around what it is to truly love, show compassion, or understanding for the decisions of another. I just don't see much evidence of anyone being taught to choose and truly appreciate life the way G-d intended it. He is, thankfully, so much more forgiving than humans.
Torah instruction stated the "unwed" mother was to be stoned to death. The baby would not have survived that, either. So what do we need to do? Making abortion illegal will just result in the increase of D&C's like they used to do in the 50's and 60's, before abortion was legal.
Did you know it was a Supreme Court Justice appointed by President Eisenhower that wrote up the decision on Roe v. Wade?
Did you know we had six years of a Conservative Congress, a Conservative White House, and seven out of nine justices on the Supreme Court appointed by Presidents with the letter R in their party?
That should be a clear indication, that abortion really isn't about saving babies, it's about keeping the people divided.
Did you know the year abortion became legal was the same year President Nixon's statesman finalized negotiations with China in some sort of trade agreement involving women from China? Incidentally, that was also the year Harbor Freight came to our shores.
A great man of G-d found himself in a situation of a baby on the way due to a "one night stand." I'm not sure how King David would have faired in American culture. He used his clout to have another man's wife, then when he couldn't get the innocent man to cover his tracks, he had him killed. He even had the man, himself, carry the orders to the front line. He then married the widow and after all that, the baby died, too. Yet King David was ultimately called a man after G-d's own heart. I've been in ministry nearly 20 years and my indescretion was nearly 40 years ago and I still am judged by it. G-d really does forgive. People, on the other hand . . .
If anti-choice individuals truly believe in an after life and in the innocence of the babies, I'm not sure forcing people to have children they don't want is the best solution. From what I read in the headlines, middle aged heterosexual couples are last in line to be able to adopt. Obviously after this many generations of self defined righteousness, making everyone that doesn't abstain get married, isn't going to happen.
It's time to face the fact, most of us are guilty of fornication at some time, and it would seem, judging others somehow eliminates some of our own guilt. I remember the interview with Ms. Lillian Carter back when her son was president. She said when she looked at her children, sometimes she thought she should have just stayed a virgin . . . I don't know the eternal spirtiual damage many of us have caused the next generations by our choices of indiscretion, but it's certainly enough of a concern for me to practice abstinence the rest of my days.
We are a nation of our own laws, from the inception and every generation alters and redefines those laws for their own convenience. Perhaps for those who seek a higher standard, it's just time to stop trusting life and death to the hands of humans, all together. If someone chooses to place their trust in the wisdom of man, the Biblical statutes aren't written for them anyway, and for those who want to stand on Scripture, stand on it with your own health!
I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: Torah of Holy Scripture
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