Friday, May 04, 2012

We Are Going Downhill Fast

I've been so busy in projects that have nothing to do with politics, I had to get caught up. I've decided why I simply cannot vote any more. American politics has really become like a religion and the zealots are annoying, not to mention the leaders and speakers are like wealthy pastors, living large and telling the sheep what to think. Any politician on a national level that tries to tell "we the people" they are just like us, is nothing but a liar. I'd say Michelle Obama grew up like many of us, but she's not running for office, and she's got just over the top with her fame and wealth and spending . . . Not to sound like a birther, because regardless of where he was born, his mother was US citizen, so that makes him one. I do think the whole thing is fishy considering he obviously had a Passport declaring his nation of citizenship. So with that said, this President grew up abroad, which is hardly the American experience he attempts to portray. American politics is a false religion that just keeps becoming more extreme. Both parties want to control the people, and it continuously amazes me that what would be reprehensible for the other group to want is fine when the chosen group has the power. I was not a GW fan, and I believe my blogs bears that out, but I sure miss him for the Correspondent's Dinner. I liked his style about it. He made fun of himself, his administration and laughed as others did the same thing. Our current President doesn't seem to miss an opportunity to bash an opponent through this dinner and even though he may come up with something aimed at himself, it seems token compared to the rest of his spiel. He's a campaigner through and through. It's a shame his ego won't allow him to campaign for someone who would be a true leader. I've been unsurprised by the fact that the democrats have chosen the same blame game the republicans did through the GW years, except it was the constituents, rather than the leaders throwing the blame. When GW was in office, I think most registered republicans spent his administration blaming Clinton for everything, and if something elusively slipped past Clinton's blame there was Congress. They forgot that Congress was republican led through 6 of GW's years and at least 4 of Clinton's, but the average republican does not like to hear those facts. Now, the democrats are doing the same, only it's not just the constituents and voters,it's the administration!
This blame game is certainly nothing new . . .
And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat . . . And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat. Torah of Holy Scripture

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