Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Going to Get Interesting

I don't plan to vote next year, but I'm having a terrible time staying out of the latest tickers and posts and blogs about the candidates. I think this campaign is going to be riveting, especially if it comes down to Perry and Obama. Two career politicians that both rally the extreme leanings of their parties. It should make for some interesting debates and headlines. I can honestly say, and my blogs are still available from the Bush years, these current politicians are really making him look pretty good in some areas. Not all mind you, but I did feel that he was straightforward in his intent. He was going to do what ever darn thing he decided because he was "the decider in chief!" I was always used to Republican Presidents seeming like elitists, but I can't get used to a Democrat President that openly doesn't relate to the common people. He really showed some bad timing, rolling around the country in "the beast" to talk about jobs, a.k.a. stump and downgrade the GOP candidates; after he'd threatened Grandma's social security check just three weeks ago! He's really lost his mojo or giving it up for other interests. I truly believe our next President has already been decided by TPTB and it's obvious by now, it's not "we the people." I have some theories about all this, but only theories at this point, with one exception. If, in fact, we are looking at the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, it matters not who is sitting in the oval office when the appointed time arrives. Besides, I think if it looks too ominous to our sitting President, he'll be making other plans before next year, like maybe checking out the head chair at the UN. At any rate, if it comes down to Obama vs. Perry, it ought to make for some great political theatre.
. . . every man did that which was right in his own eyes. history of Holy Scripture
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