Friday, August 21, 2009

Real Insight . . .

The Cash for Clunkers program is coming to an end, Monday. It's been so wildly popular that it is to be discontinued early for fear of lack of funding. Now the claim on this Cash for Clunkers deal is this. All dealers will be reimbursed once they "get the proper paperwork," one plant in Alabama called back 1,000 laid off workers, and GM and Chrysler, who couldn't keep their own business running have already offered advances to the dealerships that have not received the promised funding so far. To my best calculations, only about 15% of the first billion has been sent to the dealerships, the rest of the applications were either rejected or not yet processed, but according to White House sources, they will be. This Cash for Clunkers deal was supposed to be offered from July to November, but after the first week had to be subsidized by 200%. I've shared my thoughts about possible repercussions of this "offer" but last night I thought of something else. What if the proposed health care reform has the same results, once it's passed and signed? What if the funds run out before the sick people are well? From everything I've read about Massachusetts coverage, the wait for doctors is much longer than it was before Governor Mitt Romney signed it into law. And since the wait for doctors is longer, more people go to the ER, which where the costs are the most astronomical. According to what I've read, President Obama is merely trying to expand nationally what Governor Romney instituted in Massachusetts, and it's not working there. The doctor's schedules are too full and the funds are exhausted. If this health care reform is as well planned as the Cash for Clunkers program, we are looking at a very small window of opportunity for first come first serve!
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