Monday, August 31, 2009

Death Panels . . . Really?

I've been thinking and griping about this health care reform bill. In some ways, I don't really see it so differently from Medicare and Medicaid. After all, both of those systems are socialized medicine and that seems to be reaching a number of people that wouldn't, otherwise; have health care. What seems to be upsetting everyone is the "counseling for end of life care" clause. I've thought about the phrase that has been coined: Death Panels and frankly I think, this is America, of course our government is going to eventually decide who lives and when we die. But meanwhile, I've thought of the perfect way to approach this situation. First, let's get the people that may be facing the end of life counseling session, right with G~D so they don't have to be afraid to die. Then when we as a nation are right with G~D, we can trust HIM in life and death, rather than other humans. Maybe the fact that somewhere deep in our souls we know our faith is in humanity, rather than G~D, which is good reason to be afraid to die. We could even opt out of the socialized medicine, if we choose to stand on faith and pay the 2.5% penalty, which is a very small price to pay to take a stand for our faith. As for the Death Panel. I think one simple question would help me, if down the road; I chose to trust TPTB rather than G~D. If someone looked at me and informed me that I had exceeded what I paid in, after 13 SS checks, and I had obviously already been on the dole for 5 years, and asked this, I think it would be simple. So, Mrs. Beisinger, your grandchildren have been financing your lifestyle for the last 5 years minus your 13 months you paid in. How much more of your grandchildren's wages would you like devoted to your lifestyle and fear?
A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children . . . a Proverb
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